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The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Bridge Technologies product offering towards broadband and media operators. With dual 10G Ethernet connectivity and a massive multiprocessor architecture the VB330 can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. The VB330 is deployed either on dedicated embedded hardware, as a pre-configured and pre-installed appliance or as a software-only solution. This gives the operator greater flexibility when it comes to tailoring the monitoring solution towards the underlying system architecture in the best possible manner. Feature parity is ensured across the various deployment options, varying only in factors such as scalability, power consumption and longevity. The web-based user experience and feature availability stays the same across all the deployment alternatives.

The VB330 APPLIANCE runs on pre-selected platform and offers a scalable and future-proof high-end monitoring solution. The VB330 APPLIANCE is pre-loaded with software and fully tested at the factory prior to customer delivery. Standard product warranty of 24 months applies. The VB330 APPLIANCE comes with a dual 10/25/40/50/100Gbps NIC for video network connectivity. The VB330 appliance solution is  supplied by BRIDGE Technologies and is characterised by the following main attributes: Intel Xeon Gold 6126 2.6 GHz CPU, 48GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 240GB solid state disk, Dual 10/25/40/50/100Gbps network interface card, dual PSU, custom-designed aluminium server front. The VB330 APPLIANCE server weighs ~15 kg, fits in a 1RU rack slot and has a depth of ~50 cm.

The VB330 running on the appliance server hardware is future proof in terms of scalability due to its massive parallel CPU resources and  dual 100Gpbs network interface capabilities. No installation needed. The operator can start using the product immediately without having to spend time doing server installations.

Product Specs


  • Feature parity to HW VB330
  • Option equality and license equality
  • Future proof for long life deployments
  • Optimize Headend performance
  • Unlimited profiles on channels
  • CMAF (HLS and DASH) compliance
  • Also legacy SmoothStream and RTMP
  • (EBP) Encoder Boundary points monitoring and Analysis
  • Downloads every chunk for analysis
  • For DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1 Networks
  • Full ETR290 monitoring on all sub-streams
  • Unprecedented capacity for large aggregation sites
  • Alarming on data side, routing errors, signal loss
  • Full ETR290 Analysis and alarming
  • SCTE35 presence and alarming
  • Gold TS Protection with alarming
  • Advanced TS analytics with support for private tables
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