Axia Quasar™ SR AoIP Mixing Console

Telos Alliance

Quasar SR is the direct replacement for Axia’s best-selling Fusion console. If you like Fusion, you’ll love Quasar SR—which is comparable to the Fusion console in both price and feature set but also delivers all the power, ergonomics, industrial design, and star appeal of our flagship Quasar XR console. 

Quasar SR is not reserved for the most knowledgeable broadcaster but is approachable to any board operator thanks to its streamlined surface design. Quasar SR uses the same frame, power supply, and master module as Quasar XR, but the fader modules are non-motorized, and there are fewer, larger, and easier-to-reach buttons on each channel strip. If the LED meters next to each fader on the Quasar XR console are a bit too much functionality for your surface, then Quasar SR might be the solution for you, featuring Confidence Class Metering only.

Product Specs

Axia Quasar SR AoIP Mixing Console Features

  • Super-reliable 6th-generation surface from Axia

  • Compact and sleek design, based on extensive ergonomic studies

  • Designed for any size radio studios and specialized TV installations

  • Built-in, modular fanless PSUs with redundant option

  • Reduced fader pitch for higher fader density

  • No overbridge for easier installation on work surfaces. No OLEDs

  • Table-top frames are convertible to flush-mount

  • Color and finishes fit with lighting used in modern TV-camera-equipped studios

  • Modules can be installed as standalone outside of frame for modern, nontraditional creative work spaces

  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen-based UI. No external display required

  • Intuitive Web UI with integrated HTML5 remote control

  • Ethernet-connected and self-contained surface modules

  • All channel strip pushbuttons are user-assignable

  • 4 user-programmable Master buttons with capacitive touch-sense

  • All encoders and faders are touch-sensitive

  • Quasar Engine Scalable to 64 stereo input channels

  • Fully redesigned DSP processing, available on all channels

  • Automixer available on all channels

  • Additional V-Mixer with 80 stereo inputs (independent from console)

  • Highly flexible and automated audio workflows including auto-mixing and auto mix-minus

  • Source and show profiles for ultimate customization without user intervention

  • Customizable color strip on modules for easy identification of source groups

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