AR³ Football


AR³ Football enhances football broadcasts by adding Augmented Reality into live football matches and creating a more appealing and entertaining experience for fans and viewers all over the world.

AR³ Football is capable of generating state-of-the art virtual crowds (for matches with no audience in the stands), virtual cam carpets to insert advertising material, tied to the field and augmented reality graphics, like heatmaps and “man of the match” infographics.

Product Specs

AR³ Football key Features:

  • Camera Parameters Extraction
  • Multi-Camera AR
  • Automatic Camera Calibration
  • Lens Distortion Calibration
  • Camera Recalibration
  • Virtual Offside Line
  • Virtual Distance to Goal and Defenders
  • Virtual Crowds
  • Virtual Cam Carpets
  • Tied-to-the-field Graphics
  • Ball Speed Measurer
  • Graphics Editor to customize AR
  • Chroma Filter
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