Sessions Recorded at the Insight Theater at 2023 NAB Show New York

What’s Next? (44)

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt welcomes the industry to New York for the 2023 NAB Show New York. After LeGeyt’s opening remarks, Evan Shapiro discusses “What’s Next.”

Forget the crossroads, we passed them a while back. The media and entertainment industry faces an existential moment in its history with its infrastructure, business models and audience consumption behaviors all being disrupted. Evan uses his unusual way of looking at data coursing through the media and entertainment industry’s ecosystem to create a unique understanding of what’s happening and where it’s going. Known as media’s “official cartographer” for his visual charting of the industry’s continual evolution, Shapiro will use this keynote to lay out the next era of media, whether we’re ready for it or not. Shapiro will unveil new and unique research created for the NAB Show New York audience. He’ll point the way to “What’s Next” in a fun and exciting way, as only he can.


  • Curtis LeGeyt, President and CEO, NAB
  • Evan Shapiro, Owner + Cartographer, ESHAP

The Televisioning of FAST (306)

What’s Next in Fast Programming Fast? Evan Shapiro continues the dive into “What’s Next” in media with a drive through TV’s hottest topic — FAST — with a fireside chat with Justin Evans, global head of analytics & insights for Samsung Ads. Together they will consider what FAST needs to do to mature and grow into its full potential.


  • Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads
  • Evan Shapiro, Owner + Cartographer, ESHAP

The Transformation of Sports Broadcasting With Private Networks (313)

Private networks, which offer secure, high-speed, and low latency 5G connectivity, are set to revolutionize live sports production. This session will provide an overview of how private networks will impact sports leagues, broadcasters, and venue owners, creating new opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Additionally, fans will benefit from these advancements as their venue experiences become more engaging and immersive. Join us to discover the exciting possibilities that private networks bring to the world of sports broadcasting.


  • Timothy Stevens, Global Leader Strategic Innovation, Media Entertainment and Sports, Verizon

Technology Decision-Making in an Evolving News & Media Landscape (308)

This session highlights the growing adoption of IP-based technologies/workflows with the evolving content opportunities for news outlets using derivative channels to serve news consumers. Other topics in the discussion include business strategies and innovations that news organizations are embracing to best serve audiences while navigating a dynamic media landscape.


  • Brad Wall, CTO, LTN
  • Fabian Westerwelle, Executive Director, Media & Technology, ABC News

American Cinema Editors Present: Filmmakers from Only Murders in the Building Talk About the Art of Film Editing (255)

A conversation between author Bobbie O’Steen and Shelly Westerman, the editor of Only Murders in the Building.


  • Bobbie O’Steen, Author & Film Historian
  • Shelly Westerman, Editor & Co-Producer, Only Murders in the Building

Video for Social Impact: A Film Screening and Conversation (198)

The Telly Awards and Storj present a curated film screening featuring diverse and social impact content from branded content to micro-docs and social video that reflect the breadth of work being made across all platforms today. The post-screening discussion, presented with non-profit partner “Green the Bid,” will feature executives actively transitioning the production and advertising industry to sustainable and regenerative practices. Come for inspiration, connections and thought leadership.


  • Ben Golub, CEO, Storj
  • Becky Morrison, CEO + Founder, The Light
  • Amanda Needham, Managing Director, The Telly Awards
  • Gloria Pitagorsky, Managing Partner, Heard City

Data Driven Trends Impacting Content Creation (53)

An industry panel unveils entertainment’s future with sustainable practices, live broadcast techniques, virtual production marvels, AI automation, and cutting-edge streaming insights. This dynamic research panel is shaped by the latest industry research and insights, ensuring a forward-looking discussion that showcases the most impactful and transformative technologies in the entertainment landscape. Join the experts as they shed light on how these trends are shaping the media and entertainment industry.


  • Natasha Hritzuk, VP Global Consumer Insights – Cross Entertainment, Warner Brothers Discovery
  • Liz Huszarik, Insights & Strategy Maven, Maverix Insights & Strategy
  • Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, NY27 Productions
  • Tricia Garret Melton, Chief Marketing Officer, Tricia Garret

The Virtual Production Revolution: A Real-Time Love Affair (52)

Virtual production is not just about using LED walls on a great stage; it’s an ever-evolving set of technology solutions and practices. These new workflows are creating new efficiencies, new creative pipelines and world-building solutions for content producers. Hear from NY virtual production experts about how they leverage new tools to make virtual production their go-to production technique.


  • Arturo Brena, Founder and CEO, KeexFrame
  • Ian Fursa, CEO, VP Toolkit
  • Christina Lee Storm, Founder and CEO, ASHER XR
  • Moderator Jim Rider, Virtual Production Supervisor, Pier59Studios

Broadcast in the Cloud Achieves New Milestone! (335)

In this 30-minute session, executives from Sinclair Broadcasting, AWS and Amagi discuss the launch of Sinclair’s first stations to “all-cloud” based broadcast operations. This is a milestone for the business transformation through cloud-optimized media and content operations including master control. Discussion topics will include an overview of the cloud based broadcast environment, and a summary of the benefits of this operating model, which include flexibility and a lower TCO.


  • Adam Chugg, Enterprise Account Manager, AWS
  • Walid Hamri, AVP, Media Systems Engineering, Sinclair Broadcasting
  • Dan Marshall, EVP Global SaaS Business, Amagi

Virtual Production at Every Budget: A Case Study on an Award-Winning Short Film (312)

In this session, Addy Ghani delves into the creation of disguise’s “Space Ryder.” Discover how virtual production techniques transformed this indie project into an award-winning short film. Uncover the secrets behind cutting-edge technology, cost-effective solutions, and creative storytelling that allowed the team to achieve a VP-driven cinematic experience on a limited budget.


  • Addy Ghani, Vice President, Virtual Production, disguise

Achieving a Unified Approach to Sustainable Production (315)

Sustainable production is possible and practical. Join IATSE Local 600 and industry leaders in sustainability as they share some of the ways we all can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of film and television production. The conversation will cover New York’s growing resource base and explore how crew members can gain the confidence to speak up about how their department can contribute to meeting sustainability goals, like alternatives to diesel generators. Establishing sustainable practices is about shifting mindsets above and below the line while developing practical strategies during pre-production and production budgeting. Together, we can achieve that goal.


  • Emellie O’Brien, Founder and CEO, Earth Angel
  • Declan Quinn, ASC, Director of Photography, Local 600
  • Meg Schrock, Green Committee Co-Chair — Rigging Gaffer/Best Boy Electric, Local 52
  • Peter Scudner, Founder and Chairman, Triode Media Group Ltd
  • Moderator Michael Chambliss, Production Technology Specialist and Business Representative, ICG IATSE Local 600

AI Virtual Humans in Broadcast News (246)

Virtual humans are emerging as a game-changing phenomenon, especially in the news and the journalism category. In this fireside chat, we’ll talk with Marc Scarpa, CEO and founder of Defiance Media, as he shares his company’s approach to creating a custom virtual news anchor, Raxana, and how Defiance has built a bespoke virtual studio for around-the-clock broadcast news. Rather than focus on deepfakes and fake news, Marc will share the benefits of leveraging AI, along with human expertise, to accurately produce stories in reduced production times and costs and to deliver around the clock video programming in up to 30 languages.


  • Marc Scarpa, Founder and CEO,
  • Moderator Lori H. Schwartz, CEO and Founder, StoryTech

GALSNGEAR: Empowering ACCESS with AI (293)

Discover the ways AI is unlocking access to creativity and content in this exciting demo session hosted by #GALSNGEAR and sponsored by DELL, NVIDIA and Newsbridge.


  • Sepi Motamedi, Content Specialist, Global Broadcast Industry Marketing Lead, NVIDIA
  • Carole Pigeard, Director of Global Sales, Newsbridge
  • Moderator Amy DeLouise, Director | Producer and Founder, #GALSNGEAR