Sessions Recorded at the Create Zone Theater at the 2024 NAB Show

1112 Ask Me Anything: AI Post Production Workflow Experts Tell All

A panel of industry experts provides a wide array of experience on how AI and machine learning (ML) are changing the landscape of content creation. This panel of experts covers numerous AI perspectives including engineering, production, post production, and AI workflow. This influential group also includes content creators that represent fiction and nonfiction use cases for AI and ML technologies.


  • Michael Cioni, CEO and Co-Founder, Strada
  • Austin Case, Director of Engineering, Strada
  • Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, Co-Founder & CEO, Cuebric
  • Paul Trillo, Director, Trillo Films
  • Dado Valentic, CEO, Colourlab AI

1128 Lights, Camera, Studio! The Insider’s Guide to Building Your In-House Facility

Panelists share tips and solutions for building and establishing your in-house video and media production studio solutions. From selecting the right equipment to optimizing studio layout, workflow and delivery, uncover the secrets to creating professional-quality content right from your own workspace. Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to kickstart, or continue building and refining, your journey towards a versatile and efficient production hub.


  • Mark Chiolis, Director, Business Development, Mobile TV Group
  • Tom Smetham, Former VP, Studio Operations and Broadcast Management, EA and G4TV
  • Dave Van Hoy, President, ASG
  • Caleb Ward, CEO/Artist, Curious Refuge
  • Shelby Ward, COO/Artist, Curious Refuge

1142 Revolutionize Production Workflows with Cutting-Edge Hardware

Don’t miss this exclusive conversation with the next wave of unicorns! Be part of the excitement as they unveil cutting-edge production workflows and showcase the latest hardware innovations. Join Advanced Image Robotics, Voyage Audio, and Bit Part to stay ahead of the curve and seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s tech revolution!


  • Luis Fernandez, Product Marketing, Signiant
  • Curtis Abbott, Co-Founder, Bit Part
  • Nick Nordquist, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Advanced Image Robotics (AIR)
  • Colin Ritchie, Co-Founder, Voyage Audio

1420 Art Adams Presents: Illuminating the ARRI Advantage: Unrivaled Integration of Imaging and Lighting for Live Production

ARRI introduces the ALEXA 35 Live. This groundbreaking camera, combined with ARRI’s meticulously tuned lighting, achieves unparalleled color accuracy and cinematic quality in live entertainment. ARRI lens specialist and cinematographer Art Adams illustrates the differences between the classic ARRI look and the new iconic look, demonstrating how the ALEXA 35 and ARRI’s lighting work together to capture ultra-realistic skin tones and a wide color gamut. You will learn the difference in color rendering index (CRI) between the ALEXA 35 and non-ARRI cameras and witness the uncompromising precision that defines the ARRI Look, together with the new ALEXA Mode in the Skypanel X.


  • Art Adams, Product Specialist, Cinema Lens, ARRI Americas Inc.

1343 From Cloud to Air: The NHL’s Live Game Broadcast in the Cloud with AWS

On March 22, 2024, the NHL became the first professional league to produce a game in the cloud for live television in North America. The live cloud production journey began in March 2023, with a shadow production of a Seattle Kraken game. That proof of concept led the NHL to producing multilingual world feeds of preseason games in Melbourne, Australia. This exploration continued with additional shadow broadcasts for a handful of games in the United States, all produced on AWS. Join this session to hear from NHL executives and AWS about this journey and how the NHL continues to innovate, lean in to cutting-edge technology and look for new ways to bring more content to fans.


  • Julie Souza, Global Leader, Strategic Business Development, Sports, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • David Lehanski, Executive Vice President, Business Development & Innovation, NHL
  • Grant Nodine, SVP Technology, NHL
  • Andrew Reich, Senior Industry Specialist, AWS

994 Exploring AI’s Impact on Film and TV: SMPTE Student Insights into the Creative and Technical Evolution

Join this panel discussion featuring student perspectives on the current and future implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the motion picture and television industry. From machine learning algorithms shaping storytelling to computer vision revolutionizing visual effects, this session promises a fascinating exploration of AI’s role in reshaping the entertainment landscape. Whether you’re an industry professional, aspiring filmmaker, or AI enthusiast, this session offers a fresh and insightful look at the evolving intersection of technology and creativity in film and television.


  • Anna Steele, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Miles Stelling, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Terrilyn Byrd, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Maxwell Schaefer, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology

1276 Streamlining Creative Collaboration in Production Studio & Content Creator Workflows

Content creators and production studios face the challenge of efficient collaboration and secure data management. Join Synology for an insightful session featuring content creator PhotoJoseph and production studio Echo Entertainment as they discuss the strategic decision behind integrating Synology NAS into their video editing workflow. Learn why Synology NAS plays an important role in enhancing remote collaboration, ensuring seamless data access and fortifying data security in their creative processes. Gain invaluable insights into the practical benefits, implementation strategies and transformative impact of Synology NAS in empowering creative professionals to thrive in a connected world.


  • Brian Davids, VP Technical Operations, Echo Entertainment Inc.
  • Photo Linaschke, Content Creator, PhotoJoseph Studios
  • Kathryn Nil, Technical Account Manager, Synology

1190 What Tech Today Will Sustain Through Tomorrow?

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, creative teams must stay ahead of the curve. This panel will explore the innovations and advancements shaping the dynamic world of media and entertainment tech today and examine which technologies are poised to endure and thrive in the years to come. From production workflows to post-production tools, these industry experts will share their insights, experiences and predictions for the future of content creation.


  • Moderator Carolyn Giardina, Senior Entertainment Technology & Crafts Editor, Variety VIP+ and Variety
  • Rob Hedrick, Senior Director of Production, NHRA
  • Kevin Cureghian, Technical Operations Lead, Spotify
  • Dalia Spingarn, Sr Director, Production Technology Integrations at Paramount Global, Paramount
  • JoAnne Kim, Feature Film Technologist, Dumpster Dive Studios

995 SMPTE RIS: A Case Study on Problem-Solving Innovations in Virtual Production Workflows

Join this SMPTE session to explore solutions to challenges facing the virtual production industry today, including absence of unified metadata transfer protocol solution and the need for innovative integration of external hardware in virtual production workflows such as treadmills, high-speed motion bots, turntables, and motion capture sensors. The Emerging Media Lab at Whistling Woods International, a film school in Mumbai, India, presents groundbreaking solutions: a new Metadata Transfer protocol and cutting-edge hardware and software to seamlessly incorporate external hardware and workflows into OSVP and ICVFX workflows.


  • Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Whistling Woods International
  • Vivek Kandasamy, Course Lead – Virtual Production, Whistling Woods International

925 Ask Me Anything: Lightning Round with Hollywood’s Top Attorneys

Bring your burning legal questions to our panel in this rapid-fire session — I have a screenplay, what does a studio deal look like? What if I’m not a member of WGA or SAG, did the strikes help me? Tell me the common mistakes producers make in financing a movie. As an influencer, do I own the IP in the content I create for the brand? Whatever your question, our group of entertainment industry attorneys from key disciplines — Production, Financing, Talent, Unions — will field your inquiries.


  • Moderator Yvonne Shay, Principal, Yvonne Shay Consulting
  • Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Tech Attorney
  • Kate A. O’ Connor, Business & Legal Affairs Executive
  • Rozanna Tesler Fried, Partner, DME Law
  • Sophia Yen, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

1055 From Rough Cut to Refined Flow – The Secret to Faster, More Efficient Post-Production Workflows

Tuxera unveils the transformative impact of Fusion File Share by Tuxera – its high-performance SMB protocol solution – on the media and entertainment industry. Through the lens of a Finnish post-production company – Toast – it will demonstrate the substantial impact of integrating Fusion into its post-production environment. The session will then broaden the view to Tuxera’s cooperation with storage vendor Pixitmedia. Its contribution further optimizes post-production processes and reduces total cost of storage ownership for customers. Pixitmedia’s solution, enhanced by Tuxera’s SMB, offers boosted I/O throughput for rapid file transfers, access, editing, and streaming.


  • Barry Evans, Chief Technology Officer, Data Solutions, pixitmedia
  • Veikko Ruuskanen, CEO, Colorist, Producer at Toast, Toast Post Production
  • Heinrich von Keler, Enterprise Sales Director, North America, Tuxera

1440 How to Build a Unified Virtual Office for Creative Teams Working Everywhere

Join Resilio for a live conversation with Danny Yoon, creative director at Mr. Wolf, who shares how he built a unified virtual office across four cities. Learn how Mr. Wolf automated multi-site asset delivery in near real-time for television and film post-production. Discover the specific strategies used to consolidate rendering and streamline file access across its Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and Atlanta locations, and how it eliminated late nights and manual processes, improving team efficiency and client satisfaction.


  • Adam Kranitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Resilio
  • Danny Yoon, Creative Director & Partner, Mr. Wolf

1342 The Ultimate Guide to LED Volumes

Explore the world of virtual production with industry experts from Meptik and Disguise as they provide an extensive overview of LED Volumes. Discover the practical applications and setup options outlined in Meptik’s popular guide, “The Ultimate Educational Guide to LED Volume Designs,” exploring considerations for volume setups, as well as market trends and operational insights gleaned from real shoot experiences and uncover the transformative potential of LED volumes in virtual production through relatable case studies that demonstrate their impact.


  • Addy Ghani, VP of Virtual Production, Disguise
  • Carlos Perez, Virtual Production Specialist, Disguise
  • Adam Poel, Director of Technical Operations, Meptik

927 How Are Generative AI and Utility AI Impacting Entertainment Media Today?

With Generative AI dominating the headlines and stirring up controversy over job elimination, applicability and digital rights management, there’s another side of AI that may prove to be the unsung hero; utility AI. Utility AI is a different form of fine tuned models that have the potential to unlock a new world of automation and acceleration that were previously impossible. Understanding how utility AI is changing the workflow landscape can position businesses and creatives alike to eliminate mundane tasks and free up more resources to create.


  • Michael Cioni, CEO and Co-Founder, Strada

1056 Find Everything Using AI Content Understanding Without Metadata

This session will explore the journey of a media asset from ingest to archive, emphasizing the pivotal role of innovative solutions in enhancing its value. It begins by empowering content creators with state-of-the-art tools for efficient and automated ingest and refinement. It highlights AI-driven workflows throughout this process to enrich content with metadata while educating a locally based AI to understand the content of an organization. Moving into post-production, its solutions facilitate collaborative editing and rigorous quality control, ensuring scalability and performance. It then addresses the importance of archive management in safeguarding assets for future use. Beyond management, it delves into optimization fueled by AI-driven analytics, empowering organizations to refine content strategies and thrive in an evolving landscape.


  • Abhijit Dey, GM & COO, Perifery, a division of DataCore
  • Jason Perr, CTO – M&E Solutions, Perifery, a division of DataCore

1010 Discover How JPEG-XS Reshapes Your KVM Over IP Experience

As both the broadcast and pro-AV markets shift toward video and audio over IP infrastructures little to no emphasis has been put on the actual user interface capabilities needed for the keyboard and mouse. Like video and audio, latency-free human interface devices (HID) such as the USB keyboard and mouse interfaces equally demand the same latency-free design for IP interfaces. IHSE has partnered with Fraunhofer IIS to address these demands with a new JPEG-XS low-latency compression scheme specifically designed toward the real-time needs for keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) used in applications like mission critical control rooms, drone ground-based tracking, remote medical and emergency room operations, gaming, and live-stream broadcasting. Join IHSE and Fraunhofer IIS teams at this session to learn more about JPEG-XS for KVM Display Management Systems.


  • Siegfried Foessel, Head, Moving Picture Technologies Department, Fraunhofer IIS
  • Enno Littmann, Managing Director / CEO, IHSE

926 AI in the Newsroom: The Good, Bad, and What’s Ahead for the Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a part of our daily lives. AI is about to impact the news business this year significantly. From how news stories and videos are created to on-camera talent and how consumers get their news, the most significant change in the history of the news business is now taking place. Join the pioneers of these new AI technologies and well-established industry leaders for a spirited discussion about what lies ahead for our industry.


  • Judy Parnall, Head of Standards & Industry, BBC
  • Scott Ehrlich, CIO, Sinclair
  • Christina Hartman, VP, News Standards and Editorial Operations, Scripps News
  • Mohamed Moawad, Managing Editor, Al Jazeera Channel
  • Scott Zabielski, Chief Content Officer, Channel 1

1234 Extra! Extra! AI to Stand Trial for Crimes Against Creativity!

Get ready to witness the trial of the century as AI faces charges for Conspiracy to Conformity in Content Creation. Brace yourselves as our silicon-based pal stands accused of masterminding the heist of creativity, leaving the digital realm drowning in a sea of yawn-inducing, cookie-cutter content! Come watch as the prosecution attempts to pin the blame on our binary buddy for aiding and abetting creators in unleashing an epidemic of slapdash mediocrity. The defense will no doubt counter with arguments that AI is just a virtual scapegoat innocently crunching numbers while humans take all the creative credit. Can AI clear its cache and walk away with nothing but a circuitry slap on the wrist? Join us and hear our expert witnesses (below), their testimony will likely provide more twists and turns than a glitchy algorithm on a rollercoaster ride!


  • Moderator/Judge Matt Hanna
  • Megan Chao, VP, Development and Production, Birman Productions Inc.
  • Irad Eyal, Founder, Quickture and Haymaker West
  • Erick Geisler, CTO, Global Objects
  • Todd Terrazas,

1421 Art Adams Presents: Illuminating the ARRI Advantage: Unrivaled Integration of Imaging and Lighting for Live Production

ARRI introduces the ALEXA 35 Live. This groundbreaking camera, combined with ARRI’s meticulously tuned lighting, achieves unparalleled color accuracy and cinematic quality in live entertainment. ARRI lens specialist and cinematographer Art Adams illustrates the differences between the classic ARRI look and the new iconic look, demonstrating how the ALEXA 35 and ARRI’s lighting work together to capture ultra-realistic skin tones and a wide color gamut. You will learn the difference in color rendering index (CRI) between the ALEXA 35 and non-ARRI cameras and witness the uncompromising precision that defines the ARRI Look, together with the new ALEXA Mode in the Skypanel X.


  • Art Adams, Product Specialist, Cinema Lens, ARRI Americas Inc.

1091 Mastering Filmmaking with ACES: Your Secret Weapon for Color Management

The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) is a free color and digital file management system widely used in studio and indie features, television shows, commercials and more. Join working filmmakers to hear their experiences with ACES, and how it supports both workflows and creativity. The session will delve into practical tips and real-world examples demonstrating how ACES can streamline production processes and achieve consistent, high-quality results across diverse projects.


  • Moderator Debra Kaufman, Entertainment/Tech Journalist and Writer
  • Rory Gordon, CSH, Colorist, Keep Me Posted/FotoKem
  • Michael Maloney, Senior Manager of Image and Color, Walt Disney Motion Picture Labs
  • Stu Maschwitz, CCO, Maxon

1324 Beyond the Frame: Celebrating Authentic Expression

Storj presents an exclusive screening featuring Telly Award-winning content that amplifies diverse voices and sustainable narratives. Immerse yourself in compelling storytelling and witness how innovative technology empowers authentic expression.


  • Kent Blosil, Director, Storj
  • Jordan Maltby, CEO, Shadow Magic Studios
  • Trisha Winter, CMO, Storj