Sessions Recorded at the Connect Zone Theater at the 2024 NAB Show

992 Elevate Your Career with SMPTE: Unveiling Enhanced Member Benefits and Future SMPTE Initiatives

Join SMPTE leadership team as they guide you through exciting new member benefits and forthcoming changes that can elevate your career and positively impact the M&E industry. Explore what initiatives empower professionals like you and how SMPTE membership unlocks unparalleled opportunities for growth, networking, and career advancement. Join the group that shapes the future of media and entertainment.


  • David Grindle, Executive Director, SMPTE

1308 Driving Innovation: How PGA TOUR is Transforming Fan Experience with AWS

Join this session for an inside look at how the PGA TOUR is using AWS technology to take fan engagement to the next level. Explore the PGA TOUR’s cloud migration journey and how AWS powers enhanced tournament coverage. Hear how cloud infrastructure has reduced the operational costs and complexity of PGA TOUR’s media operations and the cutting-edge cloud-based production capabilities fueling a personalized fan experience. Also, learn about the PGA TOUR’s journey to preserve its video history and how AI/ML provides greater access to content. Then, get a sneak peek at future innovations it is building in its new broadcast facility. Gain unique insights into the PGA TOUR’s digital transformation, and learn how you can apply these innovations within your own organization.


  • Michael Raimondo, VP of Broadcast Technology, PGA TOUR
  • Julie Souza, Global Leader, Strategic Business Development, Sports, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

996 SMPTE IMF UG: Mastering QC Efficiency – Leveraging IMF to Prevent Repeated Failures

Discover the game-changing potential of Interoperable Master Format (IMF) in revolutionizing quality control processes at this SMPTE IMF User Group session. As QC costs soar and failures become increasingly costly, the imperative to avoid rejections from known issues has never been greater. Learn how IMF packages, with their ability to carry machine-readable QC reports synchronized with associated programs, effectively mitigate such risks, even in complex multi-vendor workflows. Join a panel of experts to explore how IMF adoption can dramatically enhance QC efficiency, minimize errors, and streamline operations across diverse vendor environments.


  • Pierre Anthony Lemieux, Partner, Sandflow Consulting
  • Fereidoon Khosravi, Chief Business Development Officer, Venera Technologies
  • Laurence Stoll, Co-Founder, Marquise Technologies
  • Raymond Yeung, Head of Content Standards, Amazon MGM Studios

803 NEXTGEN TV: Merging Streaming and OTA for Unprecedented Reach

As traditional streaming platforms express increasing interest in OTA broadcasting, this panel seeks to uncover the reasons behind the surge in inquiries and the potential of broadcast IP channels. Why are established streamers turning to OTA, and how does NextGen TV facilitate this shift? Speakers from leading broadcasting companies and streaming service providers will share insights on the integration of streaming content over the air, highlighting the symbiotic benefits for broadcasters and streamers alike.


  • Anne Schelle, Managing Director, PearlTV
  • Skip Flenniken, VP & GM, Technology Business Development, Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Robert Folliard, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Distribution, Gray Television
  • Rob Lewis, CEO, ROXi / FastStream
  • Zane Vella, Co-Founder, FormatLab

1322 Why Your Premium Video Is Too Good

Join Rob Gelick, former Chief Product Officer at Paramount Streaming, and Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer at IMAX, as they discuss how critically examining the video workflow directly impacts consumer’s ability to lose themselves in their viewing experience. The business problem of delivering excessive video quality will cost millions of dollars delivering unnecessary bits (or data). Adjusting initial source is key to everything that flows from content delivery. And quality issues can be introduced at any part in each workflow and this never gets better down the line as content travels from encoder to consumer. These two presenters will speak on what it takes to ensure streaming products are not leaking money from potential profits, whether it’s exclusive live sporting events, less expensive subscription tiers and every other type of streaming product.


  • Moderator Nadine Krefetz, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media Magazine
  • Rob Gelick, Former Chief Product Officer, Paramount Streaming
  • Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer, IMAX Corp.

780 #GALSNGEAR Tech Talk: Spotlight on Virtual Production

Join #GALSNGEAR for their always-packed look at cutting edge technology. Our “Tech Talk: Spotlight on Virtual Production” will delve into creative and technical innovations affecting broadcasters and content creators in the world of virtual production.


  • Amy DeLouise, Director, Producer, & Founder, #GALSNGEAR
  • Helen Kim, Executive Director of Graphics Technology in Creative Services, FOX Sports
  • Katrina King, Global Strategy Leader, Content Production, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Leah Robson, Producer | Virtual Production Pioneer, Quarter Twenty

1060 Forge the Future: Connections Over Cocktails

The media landscape is on the brink of a seismic shift, with traditional paradigms eroding in the face of a new era of innovation and audience engagement. As we move towards a future where technology reshapes our workflows and strategies, the need for creative collaboration and adaptive thinking has never been more critical.


  • Steve Stubelt, Senior Vice President Media Sales, Diversified
  • Jared Timmins, Vice President Media Innovation, Diversified

794 2024 PILOT Innovation Challenge Winners

PILOT’s 2024 Innovation Challenge selects startups and growing companies looking to help broadcasters rise to some of the key challenges and seize opportunities they are likely to face over the next few years. Each successful company features a prototype or early-stage product to demonstrate at the 2024 NAB Show. This annual opportunity highlights innovations that will help broadcast media address challenges in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace. This year’s winners are: Amira Labs, AudioShake, and Chord Communities.


  • Alison Martin, VP, Innovation & Strategy, National Association of Broadcasters
  • Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AudioShake
  • Kyle Suess, Co-Founder, CTO, Amira Labs
  • Paul Wagner, CEO, Chord Communities
  • Stefan Cardenas, Co-Founder, Amira Labs

1087 Elevating Live Production: Harnessing Emerging Media Technologies

This panel session explores the cutting-edge advancements in media technology shaping the future of live production. As the industry evolves, there’s a pressing need for broadcasters to adapt to rapidly changing consumer expectations for more immersive live broadcasts. This session offers a deep dive into how innovative media tech solutions are redefining standards for live production efficiency, reliability and quality. Attendees will learn about the significant impact of emerging technologies, standards and protocols on enhancing media processing, remote production and delivery, and the overall sustainability and adaptability of broadcast operations. Through this discussion, industry professionals will uncover strategies to leverage these advancements for creating more engaging and seamless live event experiences for audiences worldwide.


  • Andrew Rayner, Chief Technology Officer, Appear
  • Eric Girard, Director of Engineering, FanDuel
  • Walid Hamri, AVP, Media Systems Engineering, Sinclair Broadcast Group

1316 Going for Gold: How IMAX Will Stream an Awe-Inspiring Viewing Experience for the Olympics Opening Ceremony

The theater experience has changed dramatically in recent years. Audiences today are hungry for new and more engaging live viewing experiences. As a leading innovator in entertainment technology, IMAX wanted to provide theatergoers with immersive experiences and alternative live content but needed the right technology stack to take it to new levels. IMAX partnered with LTN because its industry-leading LTN Network provides high-quality, low latency and the reliability to deliver content across 300 theaters worldwide. LTN can get the feed to where the consumers are while ensuring heightened experience and quality. Speakers will educate attendees on the success of this partnership and provide a greater focus on how it will be critical for delivering a seamless, high-quality viewing experience in IMAX connected theaters for the Olympics opening ceremony in Paris.


  • Vikram Arumilli, SVP and GM, Streaming and Consumer Technology, IMAX Corp.
  • Greg Ciaccio, VP Post Production Original Content and Image Capture, IMAX Corp.
  • Rick Young, SVP, Head of Global Products, LTN

795 8K Technology and its Impact on the Production Process

Learn from leading experts from across the industry about the key factors related to 8K technology — including the latest developments in capturing, encoding and content delivery — and their growing impact on the production community.


  • Juan Reyes, Director of Operations, 8K Association
  • Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, CEO & Co-Founder, Spin Digital
  • Uday Mathur, CTO, RED Digital Cinema – Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer, IMAX Corp.
  • Ravi Velhal, Technology Policy and Standards, Intel Research

993 Empowering Innovation: Navigating SMPTE Standards – Why, How, When, and Who

Embark on a journey with the SMPTE standards team as they unveil the latest initiatives and upcoming developments within the SMPTE standards community. Gain invaluable insights into the rationale behind these standards, the processes involved, the anticipated timelines, and the key stakeholders driving these advancements.


  • Thomas Bause Mason, Director of Standards Development, SMPTE

1303 Leveraging IMAX VisionScience™ to Quantify Perceptual Quality and Enhance Streaming Profitability

Join this panel discussion that will focus on the operational importance of measuring picture quality. Discover how IMAX’s Viewer Score (XVS™) and AI-driven streaming technologies are transforming the industry by offering a new level of insight into how quality can be quantified, objectively and accurately. Learn why accurate quality measurement is not just a technical detail, but the cornerstone of business success in streaming. This session promises to blend the latest in science and AI technology with strategic insights aiming to optimize video quality while positioning your business for enhanced efficiency and profitability.


  • Doug Hansel, Technology Evangelist, HighRez
  • Lynn Elliott, Director Product Marketing, IMAX Streaming and Consumer Technology
  • Abdul Rehman, Chief Product Officer, IMAX Corp.

796 Fostering Community Defense – Cybersecurity Joining Forces with Infrastructure, Broadcast Operations, Engineering, and Strategic Partners for Collective Cyber Resilience


  • Mike Kelley, VP, Chief Information Security Officer, The E.W. Scripps Company
  • John McClure, SVP, CISO & Enterprise Infrastructure, Sinclair
  • John Naylor, VP Enterprise Management and Product Security, Ross Video

1310 The Recipe for Broadcasters to Unleash the Power of 5G Standalone (SA) from T-Mobile for Business

T-Mobile’s Jason Schnellbacher delves into the revolutionary potential of 5G SA and explores how it is spearheading this transformative journey for businesses. 5G SA is set to revolutionize the broadcasting landscape. Through real-world media case studies, attendees will gain insights into how T-Mobile’s 5G SA solutions are empowering businesses to unlock new opportunities, streamline operations and deliver immersive experiences to their audiences. From enabling seamless remote production workflows to supporting high-quality live streaming, discover how 5G SA is reshaping the future of broadcasting with its promise of ultra-low latency, enhanced reliability, lower cost, less complexity and the flexibility to broadcast from almost anywhere. Moreover, this session will highlight the unique advantages of T-Mobile’s approach to 5G SA, including expansive nationwide coverage, robust infrastructure and commitment to innovation.


  • Jason Schnellbacher, Principal, Tech Development Strategy, T-Mobile for Business

1281 “Take Your Fingers Off That!” Automating Video Configuration and Connectivity at Scale for Feeds and Channel Distribution

For many years, a largely manual approach has been used to configure feeds (encoders and decoders across WAN links) for production (now including remote/cloud production) and likewise for managing a set of channel distribution receivers into local stations or cable headends. As the number of feeds increases and they become more dynamic, a new approach is needed, applying the philosophy of cloud orchestration to both problems and driving that from a top-level schedule. The operational cost and risks associated with manually configuring equipment and making connections becomes much lower, when replaced with a highly automated and more agile approach. Learn about how MediaKind is revolutionizing this part of the media chain, to make a leaner and more reliable operation, and how CDNs can be used to scale channel distribution to increase reach across the globe.


  • Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, MediaKind

997 SMPTE RIS-OSA: Tackling the Control Plane and Live Streaming

Grappling with the absence of a standardized control plane that functions seamlessly across on-premises environments and various cloud platforms remains a significant challenge. Additionally, the distribution of live streams often lacks consistency and uniformity. This discussion spotlights the efforts of the RIS-OSA (Rapid Industry Solutions – Open Services Alliance) initiative in pioneering solutions for the industry. Participants will engage in a dynamic conversation centered on the innovative strategies and technologies being developed to establish standardized control mechanisms and streamline the distribution of live streams, ultimately shaping the future landscape of our business.


  • Chris Lennon, Director, Standards Strategy, Ross Video
  • Loic Barbou, Chief Architect, Bloomberg Media
  • Renard Jenkins, President, I2A2 and SMPTE
  • Shawn Maynard, Senior VP & General Manager, Florical Systems

914 Secrets of the Media Giants: Unifying Digital Content Operations

Get a behind-the-scenes look of how three large media organizations across print, broadcast and entertainment successfully transformed their digital operations. In this informative session, learn how they streamlined operations, consolidated costly legacy systems and empowered content teams to deliver for their audiences via a unified digital publishing approach.


  • Weston Beard, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, Brightspot
  • Ben London, Director of Customer Engagements, Brightspot

797 Getting Ready for Ultra HD on All Devices

Professional Ultra HD production has taken almost a decade to mature to the point that in 2024, quality live production is becoming commonplace. But what does it mean that HDR and other Ultra HD technologies are now becoming ubiquitous in consumer devices? Are further industry efforts, such as maybe consumer-oriented guidelines, needed to ensure a seamless experience moving forward?


  • Yuriy Reznik, VP Research, Brightcove
  • Ben Schwarz, Volunteer Secretariat, Ultra HD Forum / Greening of Streaming
  • Aytac Biber, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm
  • Felix Nemirovsky, Solutions Architect, Dolby
  • Ian Nock, Interoperability Expert, Fairmile West

1441 Break the Bottleneck: Building Scalable Media Workflows for Global Creative Teams

Creative teams are known for their big ideas and even bigger files. Unfortunately, storage and network infrastructure is not always ready to scale or keep up with the most ambitious projects. Conventional media distribution tools are limited by point-to-point architectures – creating performance bottlenecks for creative and post-production teams. Cloud services operate on a centralized, hub-and-spoke model, causing delays and less efficient collaboration. In this session, you’ll learn how to activate the best global talent from anywhere (hybrid & fully remote) with the flexibility to use the applications your team is already invested in. Explore the benefits of leveraging on-premises infrastructure — and optionally hybrid cloud — to ensure production pipelines keep pace with creative inspiration. Hear from speakers on how they get the world’s most loved media to market fast without the limitations of cloud-only collaboration tools.


  • Christiaan Botha, IT Manager, Sunrise Productions
  • Adam Kranitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Resilio
  • Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, preymaker
  • Danny Yoon, Creative Director & Partner, Mr. Wolf

1144 Transform Editing with Powerful AI Innovations in Video Post-Production

Hear from industry startups redefining post-production with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Unleash creativity as you explore their innovative technologies, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable. From automated enhancements to intelligent scene analysis, these companies pave the way for efficient, precise, and imaginative video editing. Join the session to witness the convergence of AI and video editing, shaping the future of visual storytelling.


  • Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development,
  • Arijit Chatterjee, COO and Co-Founder, Frammer AI
  • Mike Folgner, CEO, Scenery