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The Virtual Production Revolution: A Real-Time Love Affair (52)

Arturo Brena

KeexFrame -- Founder and CEO

Ian Fursa

VP Toolkit -- CEO

Christina Lee Storm

ASHER XR -- Founder and CEO

Jim Rider

Pier59Studios -- Virtual Production Supervisor

Virtual production is not just about using LED walls on a great stage; it’s an ever-evolving set of technology solutions and practices. These new workflows are creating new efficiencies, new creative pipelines and world-building solutions for content producers. Hear from NY virtual production experts about how they leverage new tools to make virtual production their go-to production technique.

Takeaways from this session:

  • Redefining virtual production: Going beyond LED volumes and transforming the analog world into digital.
  • Using hybrid techniques: Greenscreen, LED walls and a host of technologies coming together for a production.
  • Creative collaboration pipelines: Streamlining multiple aspects of production including pre-visualization approaches.


  • Arturo Brena, Founder and CEO, KeexFrame
  • Ian Fursa, CEO, VP Toolkit
  • Christina Lee Storm, Founder and CEO, ASHER XR
  • Moderator Jim Rider, Virtual Production Supervisor, Pier59Studios