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The Mission to Move to IP (1400)

Gil Parente

AVnew -- CEO-Owner

Keith Vidger

Panasonic -- Principal Technology Consultant – Media & Entertainment

Chris Winnie

Skylark -- Senior System Engineer
Headshot Steve Reynolds, Imagine Communications

Steve Reynolds

Imagine Communications -- President

The migration to IP is revealing new possibilities in the broadcast industry and beyond. For modern houses of worship, delivering their message in broadcast-quality video efficiently and reliably online and across multiple locations every day is essential to forging connections and fostering outreach. To meet the demands of their mission, a growing number of houses of worship are investing in technology overhauls at their broadcast centers, moving from SDI to leverage the benefits of IP-based solutions. Hear from this panel of industry experts as they share their technical knowledge and hands-on experiences in designing and installing the latest broadcast infrastructures for this distinct space.


  • Gil Parente, CEO-Owner, AVnew
  • Steve Reynolds, President, Imagine Communications
  • Keith Vidger, Principal Technology Consultant – Media & Entertainment, Panasonic
  • Chris Winnie, Senior System Engineer, Skylark