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SMPTE RIS: A Case Study on Problem-Solving Innovations in Virtual Production Workflows (995)

Chaitanya Chinchlikar

Whistling Woods International -- Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Kandasamy

Whistling Woods International -- Course Lead – Virtual Production

Join this SMPTE session to explore solutions to challenges facing the virtual production industry today, including absence of unified metadata transfer protocol solution and the need for innovative integration of external hardware in virtual production workflows such as treadmills, high-speed motion bots, turntables, and motion capture sensors. The Emerging Media Lab at Whistling Woods International, a film school in Mumbai, India, presents groundbreaking solutions: a new Metadata Transfer protocol and cutting-edge hardware and software to seamlessly incorporate external hardware and workflows into OSVP and ICVFX workflows.


  • Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Whistling Woods International
  • Vivek Kandasamy, Course Lead – Virtual Production, Whistling Woods International