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SalesFuel CEO on Sales Credibility

C. Lee Smith headshot

C. Lee Smith

SalesFuel Founder and CEO

Credibility is the key to most relationships, and salespeople can’t afford to behave as if they are the exception to this rule. Hear from a seasoned pro, C. Lee Smith, on this topic to make sure your team is set up for success.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How does credibility – or a lack of credibility – impact a salesperson’s ability to make a sale or close a deal
  • Salespeople are often seen as just wanting to make the sale and get their commission. How can salespeople overcome these perceptions?
  • Building credibility in any field can take a long time – can you share any shortcuts for building your credibility faster, especially if you’re new to sales or in a new role?



C. Lee Smith is the founder and CEO of SalesFuel, a Columbus, Ohio-based firm that leverages critical insights to enable the acquisition, development and retention of top employees and customers. He is the creator of AdMall, a sales intelligence system used by most media sales teams across the USA, and TeamTrait, a revolutionary new platform for developing high performing sales teams. He also created the SalesCred mobile app, which helps sales professionals earn trust with buyers by improving their credibility, mindset, sales skills, and pre-call research.