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Demo Days: Remote Production and Virtual Production

NAB Amplify Demo Days, February 2023, Remote Production and Virtual Production

Welcome to NAB Amplify’s Demo Days! Each month, NAB Amplify will feature a key market within the media & entertainment ecosystem, highlighting pertinent companies and solutions via video presentations and product demonstrations. 

2023’s first topics are remote and virtual production.  Join Demo Days here.

Virtual Production: Seamlessly combining physical and virtual elements, virtual production comprises a range of tools and techniques. LED walls synced with cutting-edge real-time graphics software take up one part of the spectrum, while other methods go back nearly as far as cinema itself.

Remote Production: Sometimes referred to as the Remote Integration Model (REMI) or at-home production, remote production is a broadcast workflow where content is captured live at a remote location while production is performed at a central location, either on premises or in the cloud.