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Product Announcement: Noitom International, Inc.

Noitom’s Product Launch

Noitom’s NAB Show Premiere session will demonstrate a real world example of our new virtual production pipeline solution, NoitomVPS. NoitomVPS provides Blueprint-based solutions for remapping characters, controlling virtual cameras and many other key virtual production tools. During the session, we will illustrate how our new technology can be applied to a wide range of virtual productions including animation, filmmaking, real-time entertainment and television broadcasting.

Noitom’s presentation takes audiences behind the scenes of “Pacha Mama,” a real-time animation, short film shot completely with a virtual production environment in Noitom’s Miami studio. The film follows Pedro, a boy determined to save the world, on his quest to find The Tree of Life. Using NoitomVPS and Unreal Engine, the crew of five plus two motion capture performers captured 135 scenes in two days and completed the entire project in just eight days.

We will walk you through the steps of how our small-scale studio achieved this with a fraction of the time, manpower and budget needed to complete a similar project using traditional animation processes.

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