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Networking: Streaming Community Skills Exchange

This networking event will allow you to tap into a knowledge-swap with experts and peers on streaming-specific topics that are essential to your career. This is a great opportunity to share ideas, best practice and make new connections. To RSVP use the survey above to select the insight and skills you would like to acquire, followed by those that you can share.

Participant must have an NAB Amplify account to access NAB Show Premiere. is the platform that this networking session will take place on.  The link to access this networking session will be added to this page the day of the event.

Click here to access the Networking Event.

Guest Password: Vegas2021

Follow these instructions to access the networking event at 1:30 p.m. EDT:

  1. Enter the room
  2. Password is Vegas2021
  3. Answer the Ice Breaker question
  4. Enter your name and company
  5. Take a picture
  6. Check your mic and camera
  7. Chat and network with your peers.

If you need any support during the session, you will find NAB moderators in the ‘Chandelier Bar’ within the platform.

We hope that you enjoy the experience and make some great new connections!


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