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NAB Show Amplified: From the Desk of Waymark

Headshot Alex Persky-Stern, CEO, Waymark

Alex Persky-Stern

Waymark -- CEO

Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark, reveals what products and technologies Waymark will be showing in its booth at the 2023 NAB Show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 15–19. Waymark will be showcasing its AI video creator in pod W2051G in the West Hall’s Capitalize Experiential Zone during NAB Show.

What has your company been working on since the last NAB Show?

This NAB show will actually be Waymark’s first! This past year, though, we’ve been working on creating a truly AI-first experience that makes it as easy as possible for local media companies to drive sales with small businesses. We’ve added several new AI features in the past few months — including automated branding, image upscaling and AI voice-over. What we have today is a truly unique product that is a powerful force multiplier within a sales team’s arsenal.

What products or product categories are you highlighting at the 2023 NAB Show?

We’re here to showcase our flagship product — the AI video creator. Waymark’s platform makes it so fast and easy to create compelling videos for TV, CTV, and digital that sales teams can walk into any and every prospect meeting with customized spec creative. This is proven to open conversations, accelerate timelines and boost local direct sales, delivering an ROI of about 10x for partners.

What recent technology developments do you think are the most exciting for the media and entertainment industry?

As an AI company, we’re obviously quite bullish on the transformative potential of AI and machine learning. We’ve already seen the media world deploy it in some of the more immediately apparent, data-heavy use-cases, like audience targeting. We’re starting to see an uptick in really creative applications, though; the kind that are focused on merging human talent and machine-level efficiency to bring the best of both worlds to TV advertising. It’s that class of technological advancement that I think is the most exciting.

About Waymark
Waymark is an AI startup that is revolutionizing the world of TV advertising. With its cutting-edge AI platform, businesses can produce ready-to-air ads in minutes, using nothing more than their name and online data. Waymark’s mission is to democratize agency-quality video production and make TV advertising accessible to everyone.

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