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NAB Show Amplified: From the Desk of FreeCast

Headshot William Mobley, CEO, FreeCast

William Mobley

FreeCast -- CEO

William Mobley, CEO at FreeCast, reveals what products and technologies FreeCast will be showing in its pod at the 2023 NAB Show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 15–19. FreeCast will be showcasing FreeCast Home in Pod W3421H in the West Hall’s Connect Experiential Zone during NAB Show.

What has your company been working on since the last NAB Show?

Direct focus on the aggregation of live local OTA and combined OTT including FAST channels, AVOD, SVOD, PPV, Subscriptions and Payments Manager solution, all in One App, and across All devices eventually. The combined option will serve our current MDP’s (Multi Dwelling Properties) agreements / commitments in excess of 14% of the dedicated doors in the USA and growing.

What products or product categories are you highlighting at the 2023 NAB Show?

“FreeCast Home,” our new network distributed device and singularly delivered super app, is being introduced as the first of its kind “Whole Home Solution” to get the current masses of fragmented entertainment content among 100’s of apps into Smart TV’s, Mobile, Tablets, Laptops/PC’s including both live local OTA and streaming OTT combined.

What recent technology developments do you think are the most exciting for the media and entertainment industry?

With consumer side delivery completed, we have moved on to our commercial platform, code named NOMAD for “No More App Diving,” the latest initiative focuses on direct content partner integrations vs apps, moving our original “SmartGuide” technology to driving search, browse, and recommendations from a single data source. Therefore, the best consumer adoption, lowering operations costs, eliminating marketing CAC, delivering much greater ad targeting, and adding 50%+ revenues to those partnerships. Ultimately, without creating a competitor to the many, yet reducing the costs being replicated by all, which directly affects streaming losses by being experienced in the markets today.

About FreeCast
FreeCast is a leading streaming aggregator, boasting hundreds of live channels and half a million movies & TV shows. Our flagship FreeCast HOME service includes our state-of-the-art network appliance with DVR service attached to a powerful ATSC 3.0 HD Antenna that ingests all LIVE local broadcast stations, combined with all streaming channels/tv shows/movies/ppv/subscriptions thru our SmartGuide that wirelessly streams to every device in the home using a single app. Consumers get the ultimate streaming experience. This Whole Home Solution is a home run for consumers and is the ultimate cable replacement.

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