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Mocap in Action: Empowering Creators with Real-Time Technology (1416)

Byron Qiao

CG Pro -- Director of Operations

Onur Erdurak

3D Generalist, Writer/Director

Recording an actor or an object in 3D can add an entirely new dimension to your creator life. Explore how motion capture technology is more accessible than ever for creators, enabling them to craft captivating stories and immersive experiences. Discover examples of animations from various artists and learn how Rokoko motion capture brings them to life. Witness real-time streaming into Unreal Engine and delve into a Tokyo immersive experience collaboration with a renowned Japanese artist. Join us to unlock the potential of real-time technology in empowering creators.


  • Byron Qiao, Director of Operations, CG Pro
  • Onur Erdurak, Director/Writer, 3D Generalist