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Flipping the Script on Security: How Little Cinema Digital Leveraged Security to Innovate

Jon Silberg

Jon Silberg

NAB Amplify -- Content Partner
Nikolai Keychenko

Nikolai Keychenko

Verimatrix Senior Director of Product Management
Jonathan Blair

Jon Blair

Little Cinema Digital Chief Technology Officer

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Of course security needs to be secure. But what if security could also enable amazing innovations and new business models to happen?

Little Cinema Digital quickly understood the critical role security plays to transform its movie premiere business to an immersive virtual event platform that breaks down traditional limitations of venue capacities or locations. By leading with security, the company has been able to elevate virtual and hybrid events by satisfying the highest security requirements.

Jon Silberg will moderate a conversation between Little Cinema Digital CTO Jonathan Blair and Verimatrix Senior Director of Product Management Nikolai Keychenko.

Join this discussion to hear how Little Cinema Digital:

  • Created new revenue models with the right security measures
  • Allayed concerns about leakage and piracy while remaining in control of its IP
  • Leveraged best practices to cost-effectively create an advanced technology platform that avoids technical glitches

Attendees will learn:

  • How different security techniques can be applied to open up new revenue streams
  • How a cloud-based content delivery ecosystem can help trial and launch new services
  • Key considerations for selecting the right security partner
  • Latest security requirements to gain access to Hollywood content
  • Creative new ways to host virtual and hybrid events


About the panelists:

Jonathan Blair is the co-founder and CTO of Emmy-nominated Little Cinema Digital. Founded in March 2020, Little Cinema Digital was born from an industry need for secure virtual screening technology. As CTO, Jonathan strives to deliver high quality, secure, and engaging experiences for customers such as Netflix, Warner Media, Amazon Studios, and other major entertainment brands. Prior to Little Cinema Digital, Jonathan was the founder of MUN Studio, a creative technology firm building innovative solutions for events and retail.

Nikolai Keychenko has years of experience in designing and developing security products for telecom and media industries. He has been acknowledged for influencing growth of complex multi-national ventures and has been recognized for solving customer problems and challenges, for persuasive communication, and for strong abilities to close deals.

A look at Little Cinema Digital’s work: