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Next Generations and the Future of Media Consumption

Jeff Loucks


Every generation has its unique characteristics and preferences. Generation Z comprises those born in 1996 and later.

Those in this age group are now old enough to be the prime target of concern and interest for marketers and politicians alike, who seek to understand their predilections and use that information to influence decision-making.

Of particular interest to the media and entertainment industry is what types of media Gen Z individuals consume and how they access it. (Hint: college students are not buying TVs for their dorm rooms.)

There is no better way to learn these details then to ask members of Gen Z directly (unless, perhaps, you’d prefer to watch a Tik Tok video), and that’s exactly what Deloitte did in this survey. Watch this video to learn about the key takeaways.

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, members of Gen Z share several defining characteristics:

– They are the first digital natives

– This is the last American generation predicted to be predominantly White; 52% is White; 25% is Hispanic, 14% is Black and 4% is Asian

– Their financial decisions are typically pragmatic and driven by a desire for security

– Socially, they have been nicknamed “the loneliest generation”

– Politically, they skew progressive and tend to support social issues that are more controversial even among Millennials