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Demo Days: ENCO Systems enCaption

Bill Bennett

ENCO Systems Inc. -- Media Solutions & Account Manager

Save Money with enCaption Live Automated Closed Captioning

Today hundreds of broadcasters, media groups, governments and corporations around the world rely on ENCO’s enCaption, an AI-based award-winning, patented Automatic Speech Recognition solution. It delivers fast, highly accurate, high-availability on-prem or Cloud-based Closed Captions and transcripts for their programming, at a fraction of the complexity or cost of traditional captioning methods. Come visit our demo to learn more.

Available for real-time or file-based captioning, enCaption boasts industry-leading accuracy that is further strengthened when linked with newsroom automation scripts and rundowns via MOS protocol, such as AP ENPS, AVID iNews, Octopus, and more, or via raw text such as host names, rosters, jargon and special terms. It combines both a powerful speech to text engine with statistical analysis to help choose the right words at the right time, and being automated – is ready to go at a moment’s notice (no advanced scheduling needed).

Our latest deep learning AI can now determine and display changes in who is speaking, add proper sentence capitalization, and can insert the most common punctuation marks in the captions, all automatically, increasing the natural flow of your captions. Capabilities also include tagging captions with the name of each person speaking, native internal CEA-608/708 SDI CC embedding (or controlling 3rd party inserters), and slightly delaying pass-thru video to lip sync the captions.

enCaption continues to be a gamechanger for broadcasters, municipal broadcasters, governments, corporations, cable networks and OTT services that crave more efficient and affordable closed captioning workflows coupled with a vast set of customizable options.