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What Intelligent Content Means for Connecting with Audiences

Jennifer Wolfe

NAB Amplify Content Partner
Badhri Krishnamoorthy

Badhri Krishnamoorthy

Cognizant -- Vice President & Markets Head
Dan Hodges

Dan Hodges

Retail Store Tours -- CEO/Founder
Sampath Mallidi

Sampath Mallidi

Intandemly | Revidd -- Founder
Greg Morrow

Greg Morrow

Bitcentral -- General Manager
Jamilyn Segal

Jamilyn Segal

ScriptDoor -- Founder

How do we, as content creators, reach out and find our viewers in a crowded landscape? Discover how intelligent content can make connecting with our audience a whole lot easier.

This discussion took place on Twitter Spaces on Thursday, March 24, at 4 p.m. ET. Follow @NABShow on Twitter.

Listen to a recording of the event below:


Presented by Cognizant


The Big Question: What does intelligent content mean for connecting with audiences?

How do we use intelligent content to locate and reach our potential consumers? In a wildly different landscape with multiple outlets for content delivery (a number that’s increasing all the time), how do we target and find our viewers? In this Twitter Spaces event, we will be discussing the ways intelligent content can help us engage our audiences and find them (and help them find us and our content) in a crowded landscape.

Read more in our guide to intelligent content here.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Another big question: Is broadcast TV dead (or dying)?
  • How do algorithms and data analytics help us understand our viewers?
  • How can we use IC to target our viewers and campaign for their time?
  • What are the new methods of delivery (including streaming, channels, online and in-game, etc.) that are being created using smart technology?
  • How do we rethink they ways we reach audiences?
  • What advice would you give to anyone trying to connect with viewers?

You can get an idea of the Twitter Spaces format by visiting @NABShow‘s last Twitter Spaces event, What Intelligent Content Means for Content Creators, which took place on Feb. 24 and is archived for on-demand access.

Add Your Voice to the Conversation

This networking event will feature guest speakers from companies at the vanguard of intelligent content, including Cognizant, Retail Store ToursIntandemly | Revidd, Bitcentral and ScriptDoor.

  • Jennifer Wolfe (event moderator), Writer and Journalist
  • Badhri Krishnamoorthy, Vice President & Markets Head, Cognizant
  • Dan Hodges, CEO/Founder, Retail Store Tours
  • Sampath Mallidi, Founder, Intandemly | Revidd
  • Greg Morrow, General Manager, Bitcentral
  • Jamilyn Segal, Founder, ScriptDoor

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What Is Twitter Spaces?

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What you’ll need to join: A Twitter account, which you can create at Follow @NABShow on Twitter for notifications about the event. You can participate using Twitter in a web browser or mobile app.


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