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Camera Accessories Demo: Ross Video X-Series Pan & Tilt Heads, Vision[Ai]ry Ft Facial Tracking

headshot Bruce Takasaki, Product Manager, Camera Motion Systems, Ross Video

Bruce Takasaki

Ross Video -- Product Manager, Camera Motion Systems

X-series heads are the perfect high-performance, affordable option for robotic camera applications. With capabilities to combine with Vision[Ai]ry Ft to simplify your workflow and improve production quality.

Ross Video X-Series Pan & Tilt Heads
X-Series PT Heads are compact, quiet and robust pan & tilt heads, that are perfect for remote camera applications where the quality, flexibility and performance of a discrete head/camera/lens solution is required. Available in two models: the full-featured X350 that includes a touchscreen interface, a full suite of camera connectivity options, and virtual tracking data, and the entry-level X300 that offers the same great performance and reliability, but without some of the more advanced features – at a very attractive price.

With a class-leading 6.8 kg (15 lb.) payload capacity, unique anti-backlash gears to ensure smooth, accurate movements, they can manage most ENG or BOX camera and lens combination and are available with a variety of mounting options.

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Ross Video Vision[Ai]ry Ft (Facial Tracking) software
Vision[Ai]ry Ft uses AI-based facial recognition to detect, locate, and track the position of faces – whether for day-to-day variations of talent seating position, posture, or height – or to track the on-air movements of the studio talent, within the video stream directly from the camera. These facial positions are then used to drive the pan, tilt, and zoom axes of the robotic camera system to maintain the desired framing of the face or faces in the image.

Key new features include:

  • Multi-Channel Interface view – A configurable grid which allows users to simultaneously monitor and track subjects on up to 6 cameras at once, including a ribbon mode for efficiently sharing screen real estate with SmartShell, Ross’s Control Solution.
  • Improved Tracking Performance – An enhanced algorithm which is more resilient to quick movements, including Head Tracking, to provide a more natural framing of the subject, and combines with the Deadband Offset to better accommodate scenarios where the subject looks down at the desk or to one side.
  • Auto-Reselect – Enables the user to automatically resume searching (when in automatic subject selection mode) once a subject is declared lost, with the added ability to configure the time before a subject is declared lost.

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