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Art Adams Presents: Illuminating the ARRI Advantage: Unrivaled Integration of Imaging and Lighting for Live Production (1420)

Art Adams

ARRI Americas Inc. -- Product Specialist, Cinema Lens

ARRI introduces the ALEXA 35 Live. This groundbreaking camera, combined with ARRI’s meticulously tuned lighting, achieves unparalleled color accuracy and cinematic quality in live entertainment. ARRI lens specialist and cinematographer Art Adams illustrates the differences between the classic ARRI look and the new iconic look, demonstrating how the ALEXA 35 and ARRI’s lighting work together to capture ultra-realistic skin tones and a wide color gamut. You will learn the difference in color rendering index (CRI) between the ALEXA 35 and non-ARRI cameras and witness the uncompromising precision that defines the ARRI Look, together with the new ALEXA Mode in the Skypanel X.


  • Art Adams, Product Specialist, Cinema Lens, ARRI Americas Inc.