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An Update from the World of Fan Owner Entertainment (968)

Philip Alvelda

Infinite Entertainment -- CEO & Chairman

Jordan Bayne

The Film3 Squad -- Founder

Stephen Murray

BINGEABLE -- Founder & Co-CEO

Paul Scanlan

Legion M -- Co-Founder and CEO

The traditional content creation model is very centralized and being challenged by new, innovative approaches that are empowering audiences and creators alike. With the advent of disruptive securities laws and decentralized web3 technologies, there are now new funding opportunities that are revolutionizing how entertainment projects are financed. This, coupled with innovative crowdfunding models and distribution through communities and revenue sharing, fans are getting a bigger seat at the table in determining what stories are told and how they generate profits.


  • Philip Alvelda, CEO & Chairman, Infinite Entertainment
  • Jordan Bayne, Founder, The Film3 Squad
  • Stephen Murray, Founder & Co-CEO, BINGEABLE
  • Paul Scanlan, Co-Founder and CEO, Legion M