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Achieving a Unified Approach to Sustainable Production (315)

Emellie O'Brien

Earth Angel -- Founder and CEO

Declan Quinn, ASC

Local 600 -- Director of Photography

Meg Schrock

Local 52 -- Rigging Gaffer/Best Boy Electric, Green Committee Co-Chair

Peter Scudner

Triode Media Group Ltd. -- Founder and Chairman

Michael Chambliss

ICG IATSE Local 600 -- Production Technology Specialist and Business Representative

Sustainable production is possible and practical. Join IATSE Local 600 and industry leaders in sustainability as they share some of the ways we all can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of film and television production. The conversation will cover New York’s growing resource base and explore how crew members can gain the confidence to speak up about how their department can contribute to meeting sustainability goals, like alternatives to diesel generators. Establishing sustainable practices is about shifting mindsets above and below the line while developing practical strategies during pre-production and production budgeting. Together, we can achieve that goal.


  • Emellie O’Brien, Founder and CEO, Earth Angel
  • Declan Quinn, ASC, Director of Photography, Local 600
  • Meg Schrock, Green Committee Co-Chair — Rigging Gaffer/Best Boy Electric, Local 52
  • Peter Scudner, Founder and Chairman, Triode Media Group Ltd
  • Moderator Michael Chambliss, Production Technology Specialist and Business Representative, ICG IATSE Local 600