The U.S. Captioning Advantage

•Reliable Captioning services at competitive rates

•Experienced, committed captioners throughout 5 time zones in the United States

•Local captioners for your market whenever possible

•Customer service staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency requests

•Captioners are scheduled long term on programming to ensure the best quality and continuity

•Proprietary software guarantees captioner timely “Check In” prior to each program

•Dedicated, supportive staff to meet your scheduling needs

Mission – What We Do:

We provide dependable, high quality, Real-time and Offline Closed Captioning Services at competitive rates.

Vision – Who We Will Be:

U.S. Captioning Company will continue to work as a performance-focused organization fixated on adjusting and adapting our services to work with the ever changing needs and developments in the world of technology and broadcast media. We envision our company to be a lasting and sustainable solution to fulfill the communication needs of people with hearing and vision loss well into the future.

Quality Assurance

U.S. Captioning Company has developed internal policies, in accordance with the FCC standards (p. FCC 2240), for all our quality reviews. Whenever possible while providing live captions, we work to schedule local captioners to our clients. This advantage allows a captioner that is familiar with the local area to accurately caption key information that is relevant to the region. In addition to our superior Real-time captioning, our Offline/Post production captioning division upholds 100% accuracy for any Offline captioning projects with a team of highly educated professionals who continue our strive for excellence in quality. 

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