SAF Tehnika is your partner in reliable and efficient RF data transmission. From our high-quality microwave radios to our field-tested RF Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzers and innovative Aranet wireless environmental monitoring solutions, we deliver top-of-the-line products to customers in over 130 countries. Whether youre in broadcasting, telecommunications, media, education, public safety or any other industry, our mission is to connect you to critical information and make your daily activities safer and more convenient.  

Check out our RAI WAY case study on interference mitigation for satellite communications and Integra-X case study on broadcasting with unbeatable price-quality ratio. Join us and discover the cutting-edge solutions that SAF Tehnika has to offer! 

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Riga, LV1005

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  • PhoeniX Series: Broadcast Radio Solution

  • Spectrum Compact: Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Series

    SAF Tehnika presents series of handheld Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzers…

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Krisjanis Radzins

MW Marketing Manager | SAF Tehnika JSC