SAF Tehnika is an RF data transmission equipment designer and manufacturer with a global presence in over 130 countries. SAF’s core products include high-quality microwave radios, field-tested hand-held RF Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzers and solutions for wireless environmental monitoring sensors and base stations under the brand Aranet. The company serves multiple industries including telecommunication providers, education, utilities, public safety, broadcast, government, military, and oil & gas.

For successful data transmission, you need to be sure about signal coverage. Learn more about our indoor mapping solution in cooperation with TRX Systems in this leaflet

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Riga, LV1005

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  • PhoeniX Series: Broadcast Radio Solution

  • Spectrum Compact: Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Series

    SAF Tehnika presents series of handheld Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzers…

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Krisjanis Radzins

MW Marketing Manager | SAF Tehnika JSC
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Antons Baronovs

T&M Marketing Manager | SAF Tehnika