PLISCH “The Transmitter Company” is a world leading company in the broadcasting market. Technical expertise and know-how is the key to success with the partnerships we forge with our customers. With your confidence, we will be delighted to meet your requirements – something that we have taken pride since 1955.

PLISCH is the leading manufacturer of digital transmitter systems, providing the most efficient and flexible transmitters to suit individual customers in today‘s market. It requires a great deal of passion and commitment to stay one step ahead. It is exactly that passion and our clear understanding of broadcast operator requests across the world that fuels our efforts to create the most advanced transmitter systems. We are defining standards in radio and television broadcasting.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  To ensure we meet the demands of our global customer base, PLISCH provides individualised system design. Our custom-made transmitter systems differentiate and set PLISCH apart from other manufacturers. The best system is tailored to meet operating conditions and requires a production model to be adapted according to the customer’s wishes. That is what we produce. Customer satisfaction for PLISCH does not end with the design and assembly of your transmitter system.

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