As the industry leader in innovative LED applications, DesignLED Technology Corp. supplies many of the world’s leading electronics and broadcast companies with high-end, high-quality LED solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in LED applications, designing and developing custom LED screens and DesignLED has become synonymous with quality and state-of-the-art technology. Manufacturing in China, and a service center in the US, DesignLED supplies global customers with a wide range of creative LED solutions. Designed Technology Corp has made it our mission to create state-of-the-art display technology with excellent color performance and crystal clear images in front of cameras, designed to make life more visual and a lot of fun. DesignLED has supplied its led solutions for different TV Studios like ESPN, CNN, FOX, CBS, Super-Bowl, AT&T, BBC, etc. Our solutions have been acknowledged by these studios with positive feedback. Of course, broadcaster requirements can vary dramatically, and so the company continues to manufacture both standard and customized systems. The AmFlex Pro Fine Pitch LED system remains a strong seller because of its suitability for a broad range of projects, which are able to cater to the large number of clients who want individuality, and that’s something that can be provided by a very flexible approach to customization. The technologies underlying the screens also continue to evolve. In particular, the company has been focusing on energy efficiency through reduced power consumption and heat dissipation. A remote power supply system used makes the LED screens safe, stable quality, and very low heat without affecting the color performance. This also means an increased lifespan for the entire screen system.

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