D2D Technologies is a privately held corporation specializing in solutions that transform digital video for reliable contribution of live events, production and content distribution in broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV Markets. The company was formed in 2007 by an experienced management team with expertise in professional broadcast to focus on creating products that deliver significant value with unmatched reliability.

In 2008, D2D Technologies introduced the venerable Mini-Mux MM-2000, a compact digital video ASI multiplexor with optional SMPTE-310 output. The MM-2000 proved its worth right away for demanding contribution applications by delivering flawless international satellite uplinks from both the Obama and McCain headquarters on the night of the 2008 US Presidential election. The multiplexor was also selected for distribution channel branding by the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), with over 100 broadcast stations, due to its proven reliability, ease of use, and powerful remultiplexing features.

Today D2D Technologies is building on its reputation of delivering reliable and high value products with the introduction of the D2Mux 5020 series of digital HD/SD MPEG Multiplexers. The D2Mux transforms MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 services from ASI and Gigabit Ethernet into a tailored transport stream ready for distribution over ASI, IP, and SMPTE-310. So whether we are working in the most demanding contribution and distribution environments, or providing a cost effective solution for your needs, D2D Technologies delivers solutions that are truly transforming digital video.

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Jessica Colyer

Director of Business Development | D2D Technologies