CueScript design ingenious, high quality Teleprompting products and systems. Home to the world’s first complete IP-based prompting solution, CueScript revolutionised the way prompting can be used; enabling prompt from anywhere to anywhere, over a network. 

IP is included throughout our product line but features in addition to conventional connections. With HD-SDI, Composite Video, HDMI, Ethernet (CueTalk) and SMPTE 2110 IP connectivity, natively included in the one system, all bases are covered. CueScript scroll controls feature both Ethernet (PoE) and USB connections. The new CueScript CSMV2 ST2110-enabled Prompt Monitors can stream two IP video flows, to feed both the prompt monitor and the talent display. 

We recognize that not everyone is ready for full IP just yet. Providing the feature set in one complete system has been fundamental in our approach to design, offering our customers flexibility, choice and future-proofing the purchase. CueScript understand just how important this is for today’s multipurpose productions.

CueScript have the drive and ability to promptly react to ideas or requests. Whether it be development of bespoke systems, or general progression, CueScript are open to customer requirements. Turning an idea into product and helping our customers is what we thrive on. 

For CueScript customer service is paramount. From initial contact to the installation of the product, to after-sale support; every step should be met with the right information and attention to detail.

With a team that collectively has more experience in the world of Teleprompting than any other, you are in safe hands.

CueScript are responsive and reliable, providing future-proofed prompting applications, with flexibility and excellent support.

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