BroadStream Solutions specializes in the playout of linear television channels along with automated captioning and subtitling for broadcasters, networks, service providers, cable and satellite operators around the globe. We focus on software solutions that consistently deliver flexibility, dependability, improved workflows and operational efficiency that easily scales from a single channel installation to multichannel broadcasters and service providers operating hundreds of channels.  

In 2018, BroadStream acquired Screen Subtitling Systems in the UK. Screen specialises in products for the preparation and delivery of captions, subtitles and value-added information services across multiple platforms and devices.


Live captioning and subtitling using artificial intelligence delivers accurate, real-time, speech-to-text processing in multiple languages for news, remotes, files needing last minute subtitles and emergency situations. Localization and customization tools maximize accuracy.

OASYS Integrated Playout

Provides a road map from SDI to IP and UHD that is flexible and easily scales. OASYS eliminates the need for purpose-built devices and maximizes your investment in equipment simplifying operations, workflows, support and maintenance. OASYS’ software module provide flexibility to design a system, regardless of size, that meets your specific needs for today and into the future.


Known globally as the most flexible caption and subtitle encoder and transmission system available today. Software modules enable basic workflows as well as scalability to create highly sophisticated workflows for any requirement.

Specialty Solutions & Tools

BroadStream offers specialty solutions and tools for time delay, subtitle monitoring and compliance, manual subtitle encoding, Extraction, Manipulation and Conversion.

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