For over 16 years, Actus Digital has been providing the broadcasters and media industry a reliable and feature rich intelligent media monitoring platform based on the highest technical standards. The platform includes all that is needed from a compliance logging solution but it goes beyond. The platform includes Actus Clip Factory that is a designed solution for fast content turnaround to social media and OTT. It is simple to use, provides all the editing options, dynamic metadata, graphical and text overlays, pre/post roll, cropping, built-in transcoding engine and direct export to social media, OTT, FTP, etc, all from an intuitive web-based application. It can be used by anyone from anywhere. Other options that are included are automatic ads detection for ads verification and reports, AI options such as speech to text, logo detection, technical analysis and more.

Over 500 customers are relying on Actus monitoring platform, 24 x 7.

All input types, formats and resolutions are supported, including SMPTE 2110/2022-6/7, HLS, MPEG-DASH, IP/TS, SDI, DVB, QAM, ASI , SD, HD, 4K, HEVC. Any metadata is supported such as DVB Subtitles, SCTE-35/104, Loudness, Closed captions, audio tracks, NAVE.

Any deployment model is supported on premise, VM, cloud or Hybrid.

For more information please mail:info@actusdigital.com 

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