7Mountains was founded in 2018 by a team of broadcast engineers and software developers in Norway.

7Mountains is part of Fonn Group and is headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway. Our US operations is managed through Fonn Group Americas. For contact information please go to the Fonn Group website here.

DiNA is a cloud newsroom solution built for journalists and storytellers. DiNA is built from the ground up using modern cloud based-technology and with the end user in mind.

DiNA was shown at the IBC 2019 show in Amsterdam for the first time, with a disruptive approach to storytelling, story collaboration and journalistic creativity. DiNA launched for the US and wider world wide market early 2020. 

With DiNA you give your storytellers a tool where they can collaborate and work in a transparent environment. Plan, share and publish over multiple platforms; all within one beautiful user interface.

In DiNA, AI integrated tools can be used for suggestion shortened texts for Twitter posts and other publishing platforms, making it easy and efficient for the journalist to build stories for multiple audiences and platforms.

DiNA integrates with news feed providers, with MAM systems, with graphics systems, with your automation system, and more. Read more about DiNA: https://7mountains.com/dina/  

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