XT-144 : X-Band Transmitter (Tron Future Tech Inc.)

Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022
  • Tron Future Tech Inc. continuously delivers world’s thinnest all-digital phased array systems. To create such systems, we have thoroughly studied and tested fundamental principles to make breakthroughs in III/V or CMOS ASIC/SoC, antenna, packaging, cooling, DSP, digital array system, data processing, computer architecture, language compiler, information architecture, production testing methods etc. Making high-end phased arrays in thin form factor allows Tron Future Tech Inc. to create never-imagined applications for diverse industries.
  • XT-144 is a high-speed X band phased-array transmitter for the LEO satellites. It offers CCSDS compliant QPSK/16APSK (configurable) modulated downlink signal operating in the EESS band (8025 to 8400MHz) and enables your satellites to maximum 800 Mbps downlink. 
  • XT-144 also consists of redundant units including PDU(Power distribution unit), DPU(Data processing unit), and modulator in a compact size. It operates in DC 28±6V and provides EIRP>58dBm with a total power consumption <100W. 
  • A user-friendly RS-422 interface will provide a functional remote monitor & control. Product is a integrated phased-array solution which can easily scale up the array size to meet customer’s demands , and users do not need to seek discrete components like antenna to build-up a communication system. 

Product Specs

  • Carrier Frequency​ : 8200 MHz (factory settable)​
  • Modulation ​: 16 APSK / QPSK, selectable​
  • Roll-off Factor ​: 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35 configurable​
  • Data Rate​ : Up to 800 Mbps ​
  • EVM : ≤ 10%
  • EIRP : ≥ 58 dBm​
  • Antenna Polarization​ : RHCP​
  • Power Consumption​ : ≤ 100 W​
  • Mass : 10 kg (maximum)​
  • Size​ : 320 mm x 356 mm x 100 mm​
  • Radiation : TID > 10 krad (Si)
  • Power Input​ (Primary/Redundant)​ : DC : 28 ± 6 V (isolated)​
  • Control and Telemetry Interface​ (Primary/Redundant)​ : UART(RS422)​
  • Data Interface​ (Primary/Redundant)​ : LVDS / SerDes (Selectable)​
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Alan Kuo

Business Development Manager