XPSOC(Cross-Platform Satellite Operation Control) System (National Space Organization)

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  • National Space Organization (NSPO) takes charge of the execution of the national space plan and the development of space technology in Taiwan. NSPO has become the center of innovation and excellence for space technology through the implementation of satellite programs in Taiwan. Especially, NSPO demonstrated the self-reliant space technology capabilities through the execution of FORMOSAT-5 program.  Now NSPO is focusing on the execution the third phase national space program from 2019 to 2028.  
  • FORMOSAT-7 satellites were launched into space on June 25, 2019. Then the Darwin Ground Station in Australia successfully acquired the satellite signals 173 minutes after the launch, which was the first time that FORMOSAT-7 satellites were communicated with the ground station. In the meantime, the satellite operations control system XPSOC (Cross Platform Satellite Operation Control) takes over the activity of mission operation, which includes the command uplink, command encoding, telemetry data downlink, telemetry decoding, data monitoring, and archiving for each satellite of FORMOSAT-7. Until now, The operation team execute satellite constellation contact activity via the User Interface of XPSOC over 50000 times in 2 years, support the payload data downlink over 4 million products, and assist the orbit transfer of 6 satellites to the mission orbit. Combing the above activities, the reliability of XPSOC system achieve 99.99%. In addition to continuous assistance in the operation of FORMOSAT-7, XPSOC system will be updated and upgraded as the general platform of the satellite operations and control system. The ground system of each satellite mission in Taiwan’s Long-Term National Space Technology Development Program (The Third Phase) is expected to be developed on the basis of this system. XPSOC system have been built and verified through the Satellite Operations Control System Acceptance Review for FORMOSAT-8 in 2020.

Product Specs

  • Distributed client-server architecture
  • Unite platform to cross different systems, satellites and ground stations.
  • Satellite real-time downlink telemetry processing
  • Satellite real-time uplink commanding
  • Ground station equipment monitoring & control
  • Mission database driven
  • User Interface for commanding and monitoring
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