Xplorer Wireless Intercom Beltpacks


Xplorer is a wireless intercom terminal based on WiFi technology. WiFi connectivity simplifies the installation, start-up and maintenance of the system as the Wireless technology, following the worldwide standards for implementation, allows the use of existing wireless networks to be used to service these terminals.

Using managed access points, the panel uses the “roaming” function, allowing the user to move freely throughout the coverage area.

The Xplorer can be part of a system based upon an intercom matrix or as a terminal for a Party-Line system without the need for a matrix. 

When Xplorer work as a client for AEQ Crossnet, Conexia and TH5000 / TW5000 / IL5000 Intercom matrices, each key can activate any of the following commands: Talk, Listen, Talk & Listen, Remote One Way, Remote Both Ways, Remote Volume and Dial Call.

When connected to any of the Intercom Matrices mentioned, the Xplorer will coexist with 8000 series wired user panels, and also with terminals using the Xvirtual application on iOS and Windows operating systems, such as iPad, iPhone and PC.

Xplorer can also work in Party-Line mode, as a terminal for the Kroma E@synet system, with 4 channels and up to 28 devices, without the need for a central matrix.

Product Specs