XBeam: mmWave OTA testing solution for mass production (TMY Technology Inc.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

XBeam is an Over-The-Air (OTA) testing solution without mechanical positioners. XBeam with pure electronic beam-to-beam measurement is 20 times faster than any traditional method.

OTA is the only way to test the mmWave AiP modules. However, traditional CATR with slow positioners and bulky chamber is inadequate in production line testing. TMYTEK creates XBeam to improve mmWave module testing efficiency and to meet your production goals at a reasonable cost.

  • Automation Ready
  • Fast Testing Speed
  • Cost-effective

XBeam covers three unique features that realized by the hardware engine and software package:

  • OTACali™: Calibrates phased array OTA efficiently
  • mmWatson™: Measures and identifies broken DUTs
  • BeamPicasso™: Measures beams in different beam angles with an electronic approach

Product Specs

  • Test with sub-6 GHz instruments by integrating with TMYTEK UD Box (up/down converter)
  • Frequency range: 28 GHz/ 39 GHz (24-40 GHz can be customized)
  • DUT: Array Antenna, AiP (smart phone, CPE, Small Cell)
  • DUT size: support 16×16 array/ 100x100mm
  • 2D beam steering: Measure X&Y plane data
  • Supports a wide range of analyzers: Meet different testing purposes: S11/ Gain/ EIRP/ EVM/ ACLR/ PAE/ Beam pattern
  • Wide beam angle: ±50°-60°
  • Integrate with Python, C, C++, C#
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