VSM IP Broadcast Control and Workflow Solution

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Lawo VSM is the way broadcasters can have vendor-agnostic control, monitoring & integration of broadcast equipment and third-party devices. A VSM IP control system brings together all the requirements for a safe and flexible broadcast operation. The “everything under one roof” philosophy unites technical devices and operators in a most adaptable way. User panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications, while the whole system is under redundant control.

With hundreds of different protocols implemented and growing by the day, VSM seamlessly integrates with the majority of the most popular broadcast equipment on the market. This includes video routers, video switchers, audio routers, audio consoles, multi-viewers, intercoms, modular equipment and many special third-party devices. By talking native protocols where possible, equipment from different manufacturers can be seamlessly “glued” together, giving unmatched recall and logic control possibilities system-wide. With a modern TCP/IP backbone, VSM utilizes standard IT hardware but enhances reliability and redundancy with sophisticated software redundancy concepts. VSM also provides interfaces to connect serially controlled devices, again freeing you to decide on the best hardware technology, no matter the format of the physical control interface. Real time feedback from every single crosspoint and parameter is available, as well as special applications such as audio metering via the protocol. All VSM user interfaces display the confirmed action from an attached device, guaranteeing maximum transparency for every operator and every control unit. Additionally, a global naming facility for mixers, UMDs, user panels and many other devices provides status information at a glance.

VSM servers are the heart of the control system. Running vsmStudio software, all administration and configuration is both programmed and saved runtime in intuitive and easy to use software. Control interfaces in the form of a wide range of hardware LCD button panels and software panel clients allow simplified operation from highly flexible and custom designed configurable GUIs. Additional VSM hardware includes GPIO interfaces, UMDs for dynamic labelling, and SmartHubs, which convert control signals to and from serial to TCP/IP. SNMP Monitoring capabilities are realized via the vSNMP editor software tool which runs on a separate server.

VSM is the ultimate control system integration solution. Applications include mobile production, in-studio production, multi-studio operation with “boxing” of complete studios for fast switching on the fly, TV and Radio master control rooms, and more. VSM solutions include vsmSOUL Seamless Orchestration & Unification Layer, vsmTally Multi-Studio Tally Management System, vsmSNMP Alarm Management System, and vsmGear control panels and interfaces.

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