VS Series FM Radio Transmitters


Outstanding Efficiency at Exceptional Value

Unlike Any Transmitter You Have Ever Known

Featuring industry first innovations such as IP audio, SHOUTcast support, audio backup, advanced control, and optional Orban Inside™

Big transmitter features for unmatched value.

Many transmitters in the 300 W to 2.5 kW class use an inexpensive analog exciter that is sometimes an external unit. But in the VS Series, not only did Nautel engineers integrate the exciter, they implemented a true direct-to-channel digital exciter to achieve class leading performance. That means crystal clear audio and outstanding value. A great achievement considering that digital exciters alone usually sell for over US $10,000.

The VS300 and VS1 transmitters with their built-in RDS generator, GPS input, powerful presets and -90 dB SNR make for powerful and extremely cost-effective exciters.

Easy upgrade path to digital broadcasting.

Type Certified VS300 for Low Power FM (LPFM)

The VS300 is the most advanced type-certified Low Power FM transmitter available, and is ideal for use by community, religious, educational, and other non-profit radio groups. Nautel customers have experienced Success with VS300 for LPFM.

VS as an Exciter

Breathe new life into your tube transmitter by adding the most advanced and reliable low power FM transmitter available as an exciter. Instantly gain the entire feature set of the award-winning VS Series transmitters.

New features, superior audio performance, improved reliability, and a host of audio input and audio back-up sources make the upgrade to a VS Series Exciter one of the most cost effective, feature rich improvements you can make to your main or stand-by transmitter. Nautel customers have experienced Success with VS Series Exciters.

VS as an AM Translator

VS transmitters are ideal for implementation as AM translators. Nautel customers have experienced Success with VS Series Translators.

Product Specs