Vertical Power Distribution Unit (VPDU)

TSL Products

Building on the success of our horizontal PDUs, used by major broadcasters worldwide, TSL Products introduces a range of vertical power distribution units (VPDUs). The new vertical deisgn utilises unique high density IEC Connectors to provide the highest density available, allowing you to save valuable rack space. The design also features low energy consumption for a leaner, greener and more space efficient rack room.


  • Dual 32A inlets, with each inlet powering twenty individually fused C13 outlets.
  • High density means the overall unit is only 1767mm.
  • Each Outlet is individually fused and has its own status LED.
  • A and B Outlets are easily identfiable through the colour coding of status LEDs.
  • Easy mounting from rear on sides for extra flexibility and ease of installation.

Product Specs

  • Height: 1758mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Depth: 64mm
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