UReady 2RU Control Surface Ethernet Connectivity, ARM Platform – 1 Row Buttons


This touchscreen control surface is 2RU rack mountable, with an embedded ARM platform and buttons.

Product Specs

Densitron’s modular design of HMI control surface is suitable for applications in Broadcast, Telecommunications, and other networked control and monitoring systems.

This universal touchscreen control surface is 2RU rack mountable, with an embedded ARM platform and Ethernet connectivity.

Tactile-touch is a Densitron proprietary technology* that provides the mechanical feeling of a button, combined with optical transparency, and interaction with a touchscreen display. Tactile control surfaces provide sensory feedback for operators, which touchscreens alone cannot easily do. This category of human-machine interaction allows operators to not have to look at the spatial location of their fingers, thus freeing them up to look at the associated control and monitoring tasks.

The visible active area through the transparent button allows text, graphics, images, even video thumbnails to be seen. This version of the tactile control surface has a single-row of 16 buttons on the lower-third. The upper two-thirds is a display and touchscreen area for display and interaction.

The display has 1920 x 285 pixels and an optically bonded capacitive touchscreen providing optimum optical quality. The display features wide-angle symmetric viewing making it easier to be used in many operational applications.

The embedded ARM platform is Densitron’s Aurora SBX™ single board computer based on NXP i.MX6 utilising Quad core ARM® Cortex-A9 2GHz. The APU paired with onboard DDR3 RAM provides the performance to support contemporary multi-media requirements, and rich User Interfaces.

The embedded Aurora Software Ecosystem (ASE) allows for rapid development of user’s HMI applications.

* Patent granted in Taiwan. Patent applied for in USA and EPO

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