REFERENCE DESIGN: Unified Ad Manager for cross-channel Advertising Sales and Attribution

Fincons Group

Pitch to Pay Lifecycle

What if we told you there was a way to create a 360° view of the advertising business, a solution that will enhance revenue, create smooth-running processes, increase speed to market, and streamline cloud and on-premise workflows? Fincons developed a solution to make this possible.

By leveraging years of experience on both linear and digital advertising sales with Tier 1 broadcasters internationally, we present a modular pre-built unified solution bespoke to an organisation.

We understand that current products on the market are falling short, and based on the nature of existing systems, there is no one size fits all solution. Our unified approach can consolidate the currently available systems and integrate best-of-breed components with AI and Machine Learning, enabling data-driven and outcome-based Adv selling and buying automation.

The solution also overcomes other current limitations, such as non-unified platforms, lack of common metrics across portfolio and cross-platform measurement, non-connected linear and digital systems, disparate data spread across multiple Ad Platforms.

Further to the 360° view, the solution also provides an integrated deep learning-based approach to pricing and granular level attribution KPI metrics within a machine learning-driven feedback loop: automated data ingestion from multiple internal and external sources, data onboarding into a lakeshore, data modeling and blending, algorithmic and deep learning data analysis, presented with user-friendly visualization boards.

The rewards of revenue enhancement are enormous; the solution allows for an omnichannel approach to go to market. It will optimise the entire portfolio of assets including linear, web, mobile and OTT, provide inventory maximisation, and expand demand opportunities.
The benefits do not stop there. Add to this process automation and efficiency which is supercharging the speed to market and significantly reduces errors.