For cameras up to 55 lbs.

Two-axis digital head with a resolution of 360,000 positions in 360 degrees of pan and tilt movement.

Holes in both axis allows to pass any kind of cables through them such as HD, Fiber Optics, Triax…

The new touchscreen control allows the operator to set all controls as needed. These features include functions such as speed adjustments for Pan and Tilt, reverse switches, exponential acceleration curves, damping and joystick calibration.

Digital Touchscreen Control.

Speed control gives you the ability to change the speed between 0 to 100%.

Expo curves are created to deliver different responses when the joystick is moved.

The ramp control adjusts the electronic dampening system to ensure a smooth starts and stops.

The wheel control adjustments change the Hand-Wheel and Pan-Bar responses from 0 to 10.

Three different controls: Joystick, Hand Wheels or Pan-Bar.

The Toro Digital Head uses high quality connectors which ensure reliability of control system.

Can be controlled  from up to 330 ft. by cable serie RS485.

Mitchell Mount adapter included.

Product Specs

  • Weight: 22lb. (10kg.)
  • Max. Payload: 55lb. (25kg)
  • Pan and Tilt 360 degrees.
  • Power from battery or power supply 24 v.
  • Max speed in all axis 4 sec. for 360 degrees.
  • Power out 6 to 12 v.
  • Power from any battery from 6 to 24v. with optional Maxicrane power converter.
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