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StarTracker Sports Studio is a cost-effective, all-in-one, out-of-the-box, 4K virtual studio system dedicated to all types of Sports Production. VP graphics are combined with templated data-driven graphics in a single system to enable in context creation and deployment, simplifying the overall graphics pipeline.

A single portable system

In addition to the regular StarTracker Studio, the Sports variant includes Hyper Studios real-time, data-driven suite of broadcast graphics tools, such as Hyper Live, Hyper Engine and Hyper Sports. It also includes a user friendly, fully customizable Virtual Sports Studio built in Epic’s Unreal Engine and optimized to work with Mo-Sys’ VP Pro plugin for Unreal. This single portable system can be used for any type of sports graphics presentation or production.

StarTracker Studio

Create any type of Unreal Engine based virtual production content (virtual studio, augmented reality, extended reality, mixed reality), for any screen technology (LED volume, green screen), whether for a live multi-camera broadcast to air or a shot-by-shot recorded workflow, using a single system.

Hyper Engine

At the heart of the HYPER ecosystem is HYPER Engine, HYPERS’s own real-time renderer. HYPER ENGINE comes preinstalled in StarTracker Sports Studio and can output in or as a combination of SDI, NDI & HTML5 output. Hyper Engine is also available as a virtualized GPU instance in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

Hyper Live

Also included with StarTracker Sports Studio is HYPER LIVE, a page-based real-time graphics playout system, with multiple data widgets available. Its user-friendly interface lets users create graphics from HYPER DESIGN templates or Data widgets, and stored them as numerical pages.

Hyper Sports (optional upgrade)

Hyper Sports is a library of Sport specific, user interfaces that drive real-time broadcast graphics or virtual set insertions from HYPER ENGINE. HYPER SPORTS can ingest live data from sources such as OPTA and Perform to provide data-driven graphics or can be generated manually and managed via HYPER’s Sports Management Console

Hyper Design (optional upgrade)

HYPER Design allows Broadcasters to build real-time HTML5 broadcast graphics just as they would using industry-leading tools, such as Adobe After Effects, with fully key-frameable nodes and unlimited transitions.

Product Specs

3 x Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K G2 Cameras

3 x Pre-calibrated Canon 18-80mm Zoom Lenses

2x High Performance Lenovo P620 AMD Threadripper Pro PCs with Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs

3x Mo-Sys StarTracker 6-Axis Camera Tracking Units

2 x Mo-Sys VP Plugins for Unreal Engine

3 x Cartoni Camera Tripods (single stage, aluminium)

2 x Cartoni Focus 22 Pan/Tilt Camera Heads

2 x Cartoni Expandable Dolly (without wheels), 1 x Cartoni Dolly (with wheels), 1x camera rail set

1 x Cartoni Camera Jib-O

1 x Ultimatte Keyer

1 x Blackmagic Design 8-channel ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K video switcher

3 x Blackmagic Design 4K Video/Data Recorders

1 x 8-Channel Audio Mixer

3 x Radio Microphones

1 x Pre-wired 19” Flight Case Rack

1 x StarTracker Manager

Controls all StarTracker units via a single interface

1 x Mo-Sys Beam-In kit

For bringing remote guests into the virtual studio

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