SmartRail Floor & Ceiling Track Systems

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

SmartRail is the next generation of rail camera system, bringing unparalleled levels of performance to any application where track systems are required. Whether floor or ceiling mounted, the range of elevation capabilities of the columns make it possible to raise cameras to new heights while retaining stability and smoothness of on-air control. Elevation control works upright (floor-tracks) or inverted (ceiling-tracks) to allow maximum creativity in production design enabling studios to be entirely cleared of equipment and cables.

Elevation columns come in a variety of sizes and may be customized to achieve the required elevation range and min/max camera height. The unique Hybrid configuration with Shotoku’s X-Height column provides a cost-effective elevation column with exceptional stability.

Combined with Shotoku’s intuitive TR-XT control system and the TG-18 or TG-27 pan and tilt head, SmartRail provides totally integrated, highly accurate, motion control in all axes.

Product Specs

Controls     Fully integrated PTZFXH

                    Unlimited preset shots (

                    Smooth key-frame motion control

Track         Precision engineered for

                  Floor or ceiling mounted

                 Straight or 45-degree curve sections

                  Curve radius options

Dolly        8 positions, 90-degree orientation dual-wheel pairs

                 Track-end drive system

Height      Optional 2 or 3-stage elevator/descender      

                  Hybrid: 620-1370mm Floor only

                  S: 750-1250mm

                M: 900-1700mm

                 L: 1090 -2550mm

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