Shotoku Broadcast Systems

SmartPed is the perfect combination of cost-efficiency and performance, a fully robotic studio pedestal capable of satisfying the rigorous demands of live TV studio productions. SmartPed marks a whole new phase in the technical and operational developments of fully robotic pedestals. It addresses the key priorities of cost-savings, whilst maintaining high-end performance where it counts: on-air camera movements. All-round, multi-zone, collision avoidance technology, complex key-frame curved movement, full integration with automation and advanced AutoFrame face tracking technology combine to make SmartPed the most capable robotic pedestal on the market.

Instant and seamless switchover to local operation is accomplished through the pan-bar mounted joystick. Like all Shotoku systems, local operation requires no referencing or re-calibration prior to, or after, use. The pedestal uses entirely digital servo systems and all electronics are housed in a central, self-contained module making service quick and easy. A low-level, controllable LED illumination system indicates the pedestal’s operating status.

Product Specs


Payload (Incl. Head)      90kg/198lbs

Height Range                 750mm / 29”

Floor Speed                   1-200mm/s (0.04” -8”/s)

Height Speed                 1-100mm/s (0.04” -4”/s)

Navigation                      Internal dead-reckoning or external Absolute (Optical)

Collision Avoidance       Multi-zoned ultrasonic proximity detection

Collision Detect             Multi-zoned pressure-sensitive bump strip

VR Tracking Output       Option. IP data Output

Power                              110-240v AC 500W Peak

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