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AvL Technologies, Inc.

Satellite News Gathering, or SNG, antennas are precise and robust due to the requirements for streaming high definition video. AvL Technologies provides the most comprehensive range of SNG antenna apertures, ranging in size from 85cm to 2.4m, and broad capabilities for operating with high-power amplifiers (HPAs) for high data rates. AvL also offers the most extensive range of broadcast frequency bands in the industry, including C, Ku, DBS and Ka.

Product Specs

AvL’s new family of Flexible Integrated Terminals is now available with reflectors sized at .75m, .98m and 1.35m, and soon will be available with a .45m reflector. Each of these ultra-lightweight antennas features an axi-symmetrical carbon fiber reflector, an all-in-one positioner system with integrated stabilizer legs, quick change snap-in-place tri-band feeds and RF kits, and ODU/modem and BUC/LNB integration. The antennas offer compact two-case pack-ups, which meet IATA requirements for carry-on or checked baggage depending on antenna size. These antennas are easily assembled by one person in minutes.  Watch the video

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