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Cloud computing and virtualisation are becoming increasingly important and we will see more hybrid infrastructures in the future.

But how can you link such hybrid structures as flexibly as possible? How do you standardize their use so that operators can handle them easily, efficiently and in line with their needs? The RemoteAccess-CPU provides the answers to these questions.

The RemoteAccess-CPU lets you seamlessly integrate virtual machines into KVM matrix installations. The modules establish a connection between matrix systems and computers or virtual machines, which can be remotely accessed via network protocols (RDP, VNC and SSH). This way, hybrid systems with real and virtual computer infrastructure can be optimally implemented. After appropriate configuration, you can access any number of virtual sources and computers accessible via network protocols directly via KVM matrix systems – uniformly and exactly as you would access computers under your desk.

With the RemoteAccess-CPU, you get an excellent solution – combined with all the comfort our KVM system has to offer. Simply select the desired source from a standardised select menu (target list) on the on-screen display – regardless of whether the computer is available in the server room, via network protocol or in the cloud. The KVM matrix controls the logic and takes over user administration. Since we attach great importance to security, all connection data is forwarded in encrypted form.

Integrated thin client functionality and multi user access

The RemoteAccess-CPU is equipped with a powerful, reliable industrial board and offers a platform with integrated thin client functionality. Therefore, you don’t need a separate thin client – and the solution is highly integrative when it comes to establishing connections. Currently, the network protocols RDP, VNC and SSH are supported. Support of further protocols will follow soon. Via G&D’s KVM system, multiple operators can use the same RemoteAccess-CPU to simultaneously connect and operate the same virtual machine.

The RemoteAccess-CPU supports video resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz as well as USB HID and embedded audio.

Product Specs