RedNet R1

Focusrite Pro
Focusrite Pro

RedNet R1 is designed for professionals who need to adapt their audio configurations quickly to suit the ever-increasing demands of the studio environment, and interact with their audio system like never before. Inputs from one of eight source groups (each of up to 12 channels per source, from 32 total channels) can be mixed and routed to up to 12 monitor output channels, formatted from mono through to 7.1.4 surround, providing the flexibility to monitor in a range of common setups including Dolby Atmos® and other immersive audio workflows. Alternatively, completely custom setups of up to 12 outputs can be configured for bespoke speaker configurations. 

RedNet R1 can be set up to control groups of outputs from the multitude of sources and destinations available to Red interface users. From Pro Tools™ | HD and other DAWs, analogue inputs and outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF connections, and from entire Dante® audio ecosystems, audio can be switched and summed cross platforms, simultaneously and interchangeably. Top-panel control includes level, reference level preset selection, dim, mute and a variety of solo modes. There’s an A/B switch for switching between monitoring presets, and up to four fold-down presets allow fast switching for checking downmixes.

RedNet R1 also features Dante-enabled talkback, an internal mic preamp for connecting an external talkback mic, built-in microphone and a high-powered headphones output, so you can monitor audio inputs and outputs, and interact with talent and other users on the system. Up to four talkback destination groups are available when used with a Red interface (when used with other Dante devices, a single talkback group is available).

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