Radian Flex Video Wall Software

Black Box

Take visualization in the MCR to the next level with Radian Flex, the latest advancement in video wall processing technology. Radian Flex removes hardware — and its accompanying need for maintenance and upgrades — from the equation, saving you both time and money. This 100% software-based solution offers you a flexible, scalable, future-proof video wall processing platform that’s ideal for digital signage, corporate, education, and mission-critical visualization applications.

Radian Flex gives you complete control over what, when, where, and how content displays, enabling clearer communication and faster, more informed decision-making. Even better, the solution’s robust video engine supports today’s highest standard 4K @ 60 Hz video up to an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels.

Product Specs

  • Collaborative Visualization of Critical Feeds

Share feeds and content quickly in your MCR.

  • Real-Time Distributed Visualization

Enable users to share live feeds, information and other content among video wall systems located at multiple locations.

  • Customized Visual Configuration

Resize to any scale, zoom, magnify and rotate content to any orientation you wish.

  • Networked Visualization

Deliver content to multiple video walls across the Internet and on the local network from any source, including desktop capture, IP camera streams, capture card input or video files.

  • Advanced Image Processing Capabilities

Supports HD video signal collecting, real-time high resolution, digital image processing, advanced three-dimensional digital filtering, and more.

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